Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice

Just saw the preview for Celebrity Apprentice episode to air Sunday night. He gets a text that they are testing his daughter for diabetes.

This question is related. I don't know if Mr. Michaels is a "chosen one", the first in his family to be diagnosed with Type I , but what are the statistics of a chosen one (like my son) to pass this disease to his offspring. Any less of a chance than in a family with an established family history?

Poor guy, I feel bad for him. I have lots of family medical issues I worry about passing to my kids and the guilt stinks.

I think this is our most recent discussion on the topic.

I am the only one in my family. We also had a really long discussion here some time back called “are you the chosen one”

I don’t know the % but it’s really low! I’m A Type 1 and so is my oldest. She took Type 1 at 11 and years before I took Type 1 at 10. I think he will do like I did and find the way to support his daughter in anything! My oldest was first born without a left hand then took Type 1 years later. The guilt really hurts but I also have a 20 year old who hasn’t had anything happen to her. Guilt is a hard thing to handle but you can get through it! My daughter (the Type 1 with no left hand) looked at me one day not long ago and told me (this is YEARS after the guilt trips I went through and still do to a point) " Mom I don’t blame you if it was meant to be it’s meant to be" That little girl (now 21) had had 3 kids of her own and made her mom feel sooooo much better with those15 words!!!

Thanks Marie

According to those stats my son and Mr. Michaels each have 8% chance of a type I child. Not so bad really.

this is one reason i not sure on haveing kids would feel so bad if they got this or any other medical issues

The odds are about 4 percent that a woman with type 1 will pass along the disease, and about 6 percent that a male will pass it to his offspring. Those numbers are from the ADA. In my family, my brother’s a type 1, I am not, but my daughter is. She and my brother were the same age – 12 – when they were diagnosed. No way of knowing exactly what will happen…

I have a friend who is type 1 diagnosed at age 9. Her daughter is also type 1 diagnosed at age 7. You just don’t know how things will turn out. I am the only one in my family that is type 1 in fact the only one with diabetes.

On last night’s show Mr. Michaels said his children have a 50% chance to be diabetic. Sorry that stat was put out there, This is scary enough without misinformation.

I am sorry, but I think Bret plays the “diabetes card” a little too much on the show. I am a type one, with a busy life. If he has trouble controling his blood sugars, then he is not being responsible. I am sorry his child has diabetes, but of all people he should know and understand. No, I do not have children. Maybe I would think differently if I did.

Oh Anna you would! I have a daughter who was born missing her left hand then later (at 11) she got Type 1 too! My husband side of the family had a lot of Type 2’s in the family but he married a Type 1! I know the guilt Bret is having now! It hurts when you have a child who has got what you have! Please don’t start throwing the blame, the way he has worded things, around on him! He is really having enough problems right now!

Unfortunately, however, the ADA stats exclude the majority of people with adult-onset Type 1a diabetes, so are skewed low.

Yeah, I was just wondering if the #'s might not be super accurate. I was diagnosed as a (young) adult… so I “don’t count” - very frustrating!