Bret Michaels: One of the "Final Five" (And no, that doesn't mean he's a cylon!)

For those of you who haven't kept up with Trump's show, The Celebrity Apprentice, Bret Michaels has made it through several very difficult boardroom show-downs, won an additional $40,000.00 for the ADA's camp programs, and has made it to the "Final Five" -- the last 5 contestants standing. Last week, he was moved to Team Tenacity to work with Holly Robinson Peete and Cyndi Lauper and the task was to redecorate an upscale apartment. While everyone loved Bret's photos and Cyndi's "celebrity room", the apartment as a whole lost the task. At one point, it appeared that Bret would be fired for failing to aggressively "defend" himself (he wasn't being blamed for the loss, so I fail to see how or why he needed to defend himself), but was saved when he came out saying that Cyndi ought to be fired for her poor time management skills.

The teaser for the next episode reveals that at this point, Trump is going to do some serious firing. The contestants will be called to the boardroom, where someone will be fired immediately. The remaining four will interview with Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic, the winner of the first The Apprentice. NBC does give a couple of hints as to who will be in that final four: At one point, Bill tells the applicant in front of him, "You've got the worst record of anyone". This would definitely indicate Holly, who has a record as project manager of 1-2 (lost on the Right Guard commercial task and this past task; won on the 24 Hour Fitness challenge by raising the most money). Joan tells her applicant, "Time is, like, something you just didn't get". That would seem to suggest Bret, since he has freely admitted he has time management issues and neither Trump or anyone else seem to have let go of the fact that he was late getting to NYC for the first show (which, according to the blog he was writing, was not his fault, but due to being kept for several hours in a Mexican airport!). However, while giving their final reports to Trump, Bill refers to one of the male applicants as "A One-Trick Pony". Is Bill calling Bret a "One-Trick Pony" or is he referrig to Curtis Stone, the celebrity chef? I had heard that Bret was going to be in the final four, but that it was going to be him and three women. I have a hard time believing Bill would refer to Bret in that way, because from what I've seen, he's no one trick pony!

Waiting patiently for Sunday!

It is Bret and Holly in the finals!! Will he be able to make the live appearance? Is it in one week or two?. He has been released from the hospital and is gradually recovering, thanks to God…
Wonder what will happen in the end.
God Bless,


I was thrilled to see Bret in the finals! When I saw the original teaser for this week’s episode, I was worried that Bill Rancic was calling Bret a “One-Trick Pony”. Excuse me, Bill? Bret Michaels, a One Trick Pony? When I saw that Bill was actually referring to Curtis Stone, I better understood (and agreed with) Bill’s assesment. Not that I think Curtis is a bad person, but I do think Bret shows more talent and originality than Curtis.

Around the internet, reports are that Bret really wants to make an appearance on next week’s finale. He’s even supposed to be on Wednesday’s edition of the Oprah show, and he’s supposed to be restarting his concerts on the 28th of May. I’m concerned that this is going to be an awful lot for him, given what he has gone through, but the same reports that say he’s going to be back also say he’s undergoing rehab twice a day instead of the recommended once a day. It’s readily apparent he’s in very good shape for a person of his age and for having had diabetes for 40-41 years, but even people in the best of shape can be easily felled by the type of trauma he’s been through. I have to give him kudos for his tenacity, but I also hope he remembers that it is OK to slow down, to smell those roses instead of getting stabbed by the thorns.

You said it, Doris!

I think Bret is awesome. He has treated people so nice and with respect while getting things done. His imagination and ideas have been very creative since the beginning of the show. I’m glad he is in the finals and so happy he is on the mend.
I do have something that bothers me…interested if anyone else has an opinion. I saw his reality show a few times and his comments on this show in relation to alcohol (and partying) and yet speaks about how he has to do his daily injections, has had diabetes since a kid etc. (almost in a sympathy way) I feel it is showing alot of carelessness and a bad example. Alcohol is not a good thing let alone with this disease. Any thoughts??