Brian Visits the Word in Your Hand Quilt

Back in 2011, our member and admin Marie B, who just happens to be a master quilter was asked by Manny to make a quilt for DHF which celebrated the "Word in Hand Project." For the quilt Marie asked members to contribute their hands and a word and then she built the quilt from member contributions. Below is a slide show from Marie of the quilt.

The quilt was completed and arrived at the DHF in May of 2011. It is regularly display, including at the AADE 2011 conference (here and here), as well as at Friends for Life (FFL) where there is a massive display of quilt squares. Here is a picture of MelissaBL with the quilt at FFL 12. This year I was fortunate in being able to go down to FFL for the Diabetes Advocates MasterLab, and Marie asked if we could get some pictures of the quilt. I had a great time while I was down there and finally had a chance to meet people that I had never seen face to face. One of those people was our very own Emily Coles (Hi Emily). Emily also got a picture of the quilt. I also had a chance to meet Sue Rericha who collaborated with in reporting back on MasterLab over at DiabetesMine. Sue and I were able to visit the exhibit hall during a break and obtain some clandestine photographs. These are shown here.

Unfortunately, simply attending MasterLab and being a T2 didn’t give me enough privilege to return to the exhibit hall later in the day, but at least I got pictures of the quilt and Sue got her picture taken with Ryan Reed. As you can see, one of the hands on the quilt is mine.

I’m glad I had a chance to see the quilt.

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Thanks, my friend, for bringing this into view again. It is an important manifestation of the very foundations of our community----our common scourge and our united goal represented in a visceral way: art and feeling, information and integrity---it's all there. I feel honored to this day to have been asked by Marie to offer a sentiment for a panel.....We have grown so fast in recent years, sometimes our roots get foggy.....Blessings to all, as ever...Judith

I'm Glad that you were able to enjoy the goings on at the FFL. That's particularly Special that you were able to meet Emily, Sue and the others.
Good for you Rick! Thank you for sharing the photo of yourself with Marie's Beautiful quilt. She's so talented. :) I say though, your patch is prettier than mine. Ahem! :)

Lordy, sorry about the name error Brian. I'm so used to talking to Rick his name was on my mind. I apologize!