Bride on a mission

I've been on birth control for a couple years now. Since I started the pill, I put on ten pounds.

As a diabetic I am struggling with incorporating more rigorous exercise into my day without hitting low blood sugars. I'm trying to get back down to my usual body weight-but because I'm treating so many lows blood sugars, I'm consuming excess calories-not every day-but more often than I want to.

My A1c today was 6.1% but I know that's because I've had a lot of severe lows.

How do I get to my goal weight by August 4th (my wedding day) without continually bottoming out?!

Great A1c, btw, lows or not...:-)

Some thoughts in response to your question. Lows are obviously caused by either (a) too much insulin or (b) not enough glucose in your system. So, if you are routinely going low, either your basal rates/long-term insulin/meds are too high or you are not counting your carbs well enough and over bolusing. If (b), which is likely caused by excessive exercise, then you should consider some/all of the following:

(i) if you pump, using a temp basal setting prior to exercise (remember the 2 hour rule for changing basals);

(ii) wear a heart monitor and exercise at the fat burning level rather than at a higher heart rate (which causes your body to burn glucose rather than fat);

(iii) if you see that you are habitually getting low with certain forms of exercise, treat ahead of time using only glucose tabs. It's hard to overeat those!

The fastest way to reach your goal weight by Aug 4th, start reducing your daily carb intake. That will, of course, have an affect on your bs levels so you'll need to do some tweaking of your basal/long-term/meds (with your doc's help, of course!)

You might read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. He has a great section about exercise that you might find very helpful, whether you want to follow his whole plan or not. His diet plan is also good, both for getting BG levels under control and also for weight loss. However, if you're only wanting to lose 10 pounds and willing to do it very slowly, you should be able to do it just with the right exercise combined with keeping your BG under control.

I've been keeping an online journal on Logged on for ten days in a row and keeping track of everything I eat.