Brittany Murphy was a Diabetic

That Hollywood actress that just died, Brittany Murphy, was a Diabetic. Her mom told the paramedics when they arrived that she had been throwing up for two days with flu-like symptoms.

This has happened to me before twice when i got the flu- blood sugars got out of control and couldn’t stop throwing up, went to the hospital because i had shortness of breath and felt like i was having a heart attack…and they said your organs can start failing quickly when you are sick and your sugars are out of control. Go to the hospital if you are throwing up for two days, people, please!!!

This is always interesting to me. They are saying it’s “cardiac arrest” but if the diabetes led to this, then the diabetes should be listed as cause of death. this happens all the time…and skews the numbers of people who die from diabetes and it’s complications. Just thought it was interesting that we’re not hearing more about her diabetes, just all the anti-depressant meds she was taking. Anyways, its always sad when a young person dies, too soon.

We don’t know, but it could have been the flu that lead to her dangerously high BG, or she was DKA that can be mistaken for the flu. Horrible & tragic either way.

Yea, cardiac arrest. Your heart stops due to whatever & it’s cardiac arrest. Guess this could be listed as cause of death for a lot of situations when they’re not sure.

There’s another discussion about her death here. Someone posted that she was on meds for diabetes insipidus, a condition that doesn’t involve the pancreas, high BG or insulin resistance.

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It’s premature to know whether diabetes has anything to do with her death. It sounds as though she was previously diagnosed with Type 2 before losing weight. So we don’t know whether she was taking any medication for diabetes or testing her BG. And it’s possible she was misdiagnosed and was indeed in DKA.

But she is also said to have a history of eating disorders and those can cause premature cardiac arrest in young women. It also sounds as though she was taking (abusing?) multiple prescription meds that could disrupt her health.

It’s indeed a sad situation and it will be interesting what the final results are. There hasn’t been much “official” discussion of her diabetes.

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On a serious note, I haven’t gotten into any convos about poor Brittany, as media can bugger up the truth and we’re all grasping at straws. We may never know, since the family (hubby) does not want an autopsy. All I can say is, le’s hope she died in peace and without too much discomfort - isn’t that how we all hope to go? I know I do - but that’s just moi.

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wow i had NO idea she was diabetic! people just keep talking about the anti depressant meds so i never stopped to think about something else causing her death…

I don’t know… it’s still inconclusive. I’m hearing rumors all over the place. People are saying that her mother and her husband (who also both lived with Brittany) were severe drug addicts. They are saying that her mother said she was diabetic to cover for the drugs that were in her system. I’m not saying that Brittany was a drug addict and I’m not saying what her cause of death was, but I hope that diabetes is not looked at as an excuse if this all turns out to be false.

It’s a shame that she died. 2009 has certainly been a terrible year for celebrities.