Brittle Diabetes- Mold Exposure (Mycotoxins) Wreaking Havoc for Years!

For years I have been frustrated as the Bernstein WOE had stopped being effective for me. There were periods of being over reactive to insulin and then periods of insulin resistance. The more I researched ketogenic eating and diabetes forums, the more frustrated I became with my body.

Well, after a lot of investigating, blood analysis, fatigue, sugar fluctuations, etc. I have found the solution for me and have hypothesized the cause of years of distress and problems.

In 2013 I cleaned up toxic mold in my home (that had been sitting there since we moved in back in 1999.) We renovated and it was all removed in 2013. But I had personally cut up vinyl flooring and carried it outside. Then I proceeded to javex the floor. With some research I realize I exposed myself to mycotoxins that worked their way through many systems of my body, doing damage on the way.

In 2014 things really started going badly for my diabetes. My BS was not reacting well to exercise or ketogenic eating. I was becoming more strict and obsessed with control, but to no avail.
In my research, I realized that the presence of the mold was affecting me for 15 years before the cleanup. Also, my childhood home had a moldy crawl space that we all know now was affecting everyone’s health with appendicitis, foot fungus, asthma, tonsillitis, migraines, etc.

So now I am treating mold exposure with diet, sauna and probiotic and detox supplements. I have a great consultant that is a chiropractor here. I am on the Autoimmune Paleo diet with additional removal of mycotoxin foods too and finding out what my triggers are. Seems to be MANY things at the moment. The diet is very restrictive but I started losing weight instead of continually gaining as I had done since the big clean up. I also find myself eating more carbs that on Bernstein way, but it is a trade-off I am willing to make until I am detoxed.

I became so tired in the school year of 2014-2015 I missed a LOT of school (I teach.) I could barely make it through a single week without a day to sleep at home. I was needing to sleep most evenings of the week as soon as I got home (at 4 pm.) Since treatment in late August, many of my symptoms have left, and my insulin dose now corresponds with the carbs and protein I am eating, thankfully. I am sleeping a regular 6-8 hours per night (rather than 10-13.) I hope this WOE is temporary so I can enjoy some wine again. I must say, I really miss nuts from many of my recipes. But the consequences were too life altering and now I have hope again of living well and being energetic and happy again. :smiley:

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I’m glad to read that you’re feeling better. Congrats on taking action when you were experiencing such debilitating symptoms. I went through a several year period when my blood glucose responded poorly to insulin. I was baffled and the doctors were of little help. I know how relieved I felt when the normal relationship between food, insulin, and exercise was restored. I would be interested to read updates from you as time goes by. Good luck!

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Me, too. I started in August of 2014. Mold was the first thing to clear for me. I lived in Florida for 10 years and, apparently, mold found a “home” in me. It took about six months for it to totally clear…boy do I feel better now :wink: I was able to start eating peanuts again a few months ago. Hope it works well and quickly for you!