Brittle Diabetes?

I had always thought that my diabetes was brittle because I would have erratic bloodsugars especially after eating… Yesterday I had changed my site to the side of my stomach and my sensor has been on target with no after meal highs. After supper I do a dual wave bolus and it always goes high and I have to do a correction. Not this time. Ditto for my breakfast and lunch. It is a wonderful feeling. I am going to give my tummy a rest and try putting my infusionset in my arms and legs more often. I have been pumping since 2008 so ten years of pushing insulin into my skin has taken a toll.

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We are creatures of habit. It’s so easy to do what we’ve always done. It worked last time, why not just do the same thing again? What we don’t notice is the small incremental changes that happen with our diabetes routines. I think moving infusion sites around, finding a new rotation, is a great thing to think about and pursue.

A few years back, when I was having BG control problems, I experimented with different infusion sets. The inset 90 degree infusion sets came with an integrated inserter mechanism that helped me to use sites above my hips but further around back. Using these sites helped a lot with consistent insulin action. It made me wonder why I didn’t discover this sooner! Good luck and I wish you continued success.

I have tried just above my buttocks a year ago, but I was very sensitive there. Now that I think about it the insulin was just probably doing its job and working properly.

Today was my set change. I put it in my leg. My bloodsugars are doing really well. When I looked at my sensor review after 3 days it said I was in target 90% of the time. I am thinking that my abdomen must have scar tissue and that was what was causing my erratic bloodsugars… I am so excited!!


I love it when a plan comes together!

So happy to hear that you’ve solved some of your most nagging problems!

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Thankyou. I am driving my husband crazy. Before he used to ask me what my bloodsugar was I would get annoyed. Now I am telling him what it is, often!!!

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I don’t know what happened. After the third day of excellent control things spiraled out of contol. My gastroparesis is really hurting. My stomach aches after eating few bites of food. I watch my sensor and it rises almost immediately even with fiasp. I have never been this out of control. Anybody have any thoughts. Please help me.