Brittle type 1, possible antibodies?

thanks joni, i was dx'd with hypo thyroid about 10 years ago, am taking synthroid for that. but it's great that people are putting various potential 'culprits' for uncontrollable diabetes, if i don't get an answer, hopefully someone else will. :)

What I had been using was my eMail program. Eventually I might install Office 2010 that I bought last year and use that. Does Firefox have a good search feature on bookmarks? I can't search in IE9 to find anything so considering a program that works across all browsers to manage book marks that is relatively inexpensive and the highest ranked. I was a great fan of Netscape as a browser. All my health researching is lost like needles in a haystack and my books need organizing too, so I can give references.

they said I had hypo in the hospital but my regular doc said no...mine has been apparently going back and forth a lot between hypo and hyper which is why sometimes I feel like typing a lot and other times I feel like I can't hardly move!

my tests are saying that I have "autoimmune issues" in several areas, but it MAY point to celiac disease or at least gluten sensitivity as why it goes back and forth.

They wanted me to eat more when I was having trouble gaining weight, and sourdough bread made me feel better sometimes, so I tried it...but then began to crave it...which MAY be a sign of celiac or allergy.

It's so hard to read up on stuff and then follow through when you don't feel well or have trouble thinking about it.

I wish you the strength and energy to hang in there! j

thanks joni, i know all this stuff is so complicated & confusing but, a day at a time right? thanks for your thoughts, i wish you the best as well.

I would recommend that bookmarks not be used to summarize research. I like to create documents with hyperlinked references as a good way to organize things. This allows searching as well as using cut and paste for immediate use of material.

Good idea for really important topics. What Bill Gates of Microsoft said years ago around 1991-2 was that the reason his operating system wasn't perfect was so that other companies would have something to do to create add on applications. That is just the concept as I don't remember the exact words.