Broke 180 lbs!

I am feeling pretty good today. After being 193-195 lbs for a few years, today I finally broke 180.
179.4 lbs :smiley:

My diet has changed a lot in the 5 weeks or so since I was diagnosed as Type 2, one sandwich for lunch instead of two, two slices of pizza instead of five, I have only had 1/2 a can of pop twice in 5 weeks, rarely eat chocolate anymore (just once in a while when I get a bad craving so I don’t decide to binge some day)
plus the 1/2 hour on the exercise bike five days a week.

Nice to see some positive changes :slight_smile:

Way to go!!! :slight_smile: Weight loss is not exactly the easiest thing there is, so feel very proud of yourself, and find your motivation. :))) We have a great group called “The TuDiabetes Weightloss Team” which is great for seeing how everyone’s doing, and staying motivated! :slight_smile: Proud of you!

GOOD FOR YOU!!! Sounds like you have made some pretty positive changes for yourself. I especially like the chocolate idea, I think I’ll try that, just having a little when I crave it so I don’t binge. That’s my problem now. Anyway- CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank you very much Lizmari and Devon :slight_smile:

hah, that link is broken for some reason… try this one, instead:
Sorry about that. lol

lol no worries I figured it out :slight_smile:

For some reason the first link had an"h" on the end :wink:

Hey there…VERY IMPRESSED !!! Have been trying to do that myself and haven’t been able to. Kudos, to you!

Now speaking of kudos…may I ask about your profile pic…hmmm…is that like a work outfit or something? Just curious.

Awesome work!

Looks like one of the bad guys on Indiana Jones…

Thanks Anthony and Gerri :slight_smile:

The pic is actually the main bad guy, Imhotep, in the movie “The Mummy”, and “The Mummy Returns”.

Congratulations! I bet you feel great! I am happy for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks Robyn :slight_smile:

good job…! congratulations imhotep…! keep it up or keep working out i should say…lol…

now you reminded me to go to the gym…lol

!!! FOR YOU!!! It’s just such a good feeling to break through another 10 spot. Keep up the good work!!!

That’s wonderful!! I have made drastic changes in the past month since I was diagnosed T2. I was quite surprised I haven’t had terrible cravings yet – even with my daughters daring to sit and eat Ben and Jerry’s right in front of me!! :confused: I will be absolutely THRILLED to get to 180 – and on down. :slight_smile: It really makes you feel good to make positive steps forward like that! One day at a time, I guess! :slight_smile:


whew!!! I thought it might be you…and I began to wonder if being diabetic was your biggest concern. glad to hear that guy is from the movies.

LOL :smiley:

Thank you corbin, Cathy, Marsha and Duck :smiley:

Yep looks just like me Duck lol (I wish, but soon I hope) :wink:

Ben and Jerry’s right in front of you?? That is just cruel… :frowning:

Yes, you can do it!! I started out at 248, and I’m now 186! I hit 186 this morning… :slight_smile: Haven’t been that weight in a long time, and I’m pretty darn excited… :slight_smile: Low carbing has been a godsend to me.