Broken insulin pens

Hi, I had a rough fall season last year. I was in and out of the hospital numerous times for ketones and dehydration, antibiotics for the infections and followups for increases in the insulin! My diet had to change drastically too to keep my sugars down. It turned out to be a broken insulin pen and I wasn't getting much if any insulin for 3 months. That happened the year before also, but my Dr found it within 1.5 months.This time it took longer.My pen is a lilly brand for humulin. Just wondering is it common for those pens to break after approx. 1 yr of use? Or is it just bad luck for me? I got a new one right away and have been doing pretty good with it so far.

I have no idea with the lilly pens, but if you prime the pen every time before you use it, you should be able to notice if the pen isnt delivering insulin correctly...

I would prime the pen and get the few drops out, but when dialing the dose I didn't see the pump part fall back down and then give myself the dose(only that it was air coming out).I would put the needle on next time and before I did anything the insulin dose would shoot out. Then I would prime the pen again and the same thing happened everytime. My Dr took a close look at it and saw how it was working. So my insulin was coming out but I didn't know why I was losing so much insulin at the same time. Guess it was my bad luck... 2yrs in a row and I got the bad pen.