Broken Pump - Day 2

Well I am patiently (yeah right) waiting for my pump to arrive at my office this morning. Yesterday went pretty well. I was able to stay under 200 all day.

Unfortunately I was staying under 100 all night as well. I did great calculating insulin for my corrections and for my food intake, but it was the long acting that screwed me up. My pump gives me a higher basal at night while I sleep, so I adjusted for that, but it turns out I adjusted just a bit too much. By the time I was ready to go to bed I was UBER hypo, yes that is a technical term, and I stayed there pretty much all night and woke up that way this morning.

Was I freaked? YES! I ate so much out of fear that I still have a tummy ache! I was afraid to go to sleep until I got my bg up in the 90s. Thank goodness the all star baseball game ran long!

I have had a good hearty breakfast this monring in hopes that my body will have something to work on for a while and yes my tummy is SO full right now it is unreal! My last bgs were in the 130s and holding steady.

I miss my pump… sigh

Sorry to hear about your rough night, Leah! If you were nearby, I would lend you my extra pump!