This is inspired by the Fried Chicken featured thread.

Last night my daughter made brownies. Really good brownies. I mean, really good. So, well (looks down at feet, draws little circle in sand with big toe, hems, haws...), I had some.


Bad, bad Dave!

Pulled out my emergency gallon container of Humalog, sliced open my carotid, and poured the gallon in.

Didn't do a damn bit of good (seriously, though, I did inject enough and then some to supposedly handle all the carbs).

Wake up this morning to a 259, after doing so well for the last week. Felt like absolute bat guano, of course.

And here's the weird thing: I should have been in "fasting mode" after 10 hours without eating. Yet, the correction I gave myself this morning only half corrected down to 164!! What's up with that?

I've noticed this before... If I go way overboard and throw myself into a big high overnight, it seems like my insulin resistance increases. Or at least, insulin seems quite a bit less effective at high sugar levels.

Is there anything to this? Anyone else experience this phenom?

Oh, and was it worth it? Yes, yes it was!

I notice if my blood sugar goes over 200 I develop "insulin resistance" and it takes a lot more insulin to bring it back down.