Any way to prevent them? They’re really bad on my legs and the back of my hips…

Are they from injections?

I always got bruised easily (even before diabetes). I never figured a way to prevent bruises altogether, but for me shorter insulin syringes helped. There are (at least) two lengths and I think that when I switched to the shorter ones, I got less bruises.

How long do they take to heal? If they are taking more than a few days, I would mention it to the doctor at your next visit.

I just found this website, click here, which says that syringes come in half inch and five-sixteenths of an inch length. You might want to make sure that you have the 5/16 inch ones. The website also talks about different gauges, meaning the thickness of the needle. That might make a difference too, though I had never thought about that before today.

l just checked and im using the 8mm, 5/16" ones already and 31 gauge. They are about nickel sized and about three on each thigh. I bruised easy before diabetes and I’m pretty sure these are from my injections… They’re just ugly!