Bs 400

What are some things you all have found to bring sugar down? I am on 56 units of Novolog 70/30 and 2500 metformin

Hi Carolyn,

Have a friend who lives near you in New Cumberland.

How often is your BG this high? Hope you’re drinking a lot of water because that helps some. Don’t exercise when it’s this high. Doctors advise not exercising when BG is over 240.

I’m Type 1, but what has helped me in general is eating low carb (much lower than the typical ADA recommendations), exercise & most importantly matching insulin to carbs.

If you regularly have high BG, you should speak with your doctor about a different dose of insulin, or a different type of insulin. With 70/30 you can’t correct highs. When I’m high, I take an injection of rapid acting to bring it down. I take insulin before meals & basal insulin to hopefully keep things level between meals. With 70/30, you have both these types in one insulin, but it’s harder to arrive at proper doses.

Jenny’s site is great

Thanks Jenny for your response. It’s not this high all the time. It’s normally around 240-276 all the time. Your friend in New Cumberland, have you ever visited her? Where do you live?

I agree with prior poster. Maybe you can discuss with your doctor/practitioner about basal/bolus therapy such as Lantus/Levemir with novolog or Apidra or Humalog. You may get better control with this and meal coverage - use carb counting to cover your meals. 240-276 is high to be at all of the time. It will require more injections, but your reward will be tighter control and less complications.

When your blood sugar is moderately high (but still less than 250 mg/dl), as long as you have some insulin on board, mild exercise can be very effective in bring your levels down. But from what you have said, your levels are too high all the time and in fact you are spiking badly. I sent you a PM, but let me also advise you to also take aggressive dietary action. Here is what you do.

You should go on a steak and salad fast. For the next day or so, you are to eat only meat, fish, eggs, and green veggies. No grains, fruit, rice, beans, potatoes and just green veggies, preferably leafy. You should within a day see a marked drop in your blood sugars. This won’t fix things long-term, but it will give you a relief from your own little blood sugar crisis.

I’d like to hear about what you are eating, that can make a big difference.

You have also gotten the advice that a “mixtard” such as novolog 70/30 is a crude and rough insulin regime, which almost never will allow good control. You really need to get with your doctor. A preferable regime is a basal/bolus, where the basal is set to properly maintain your fasting and the bolus corrects for your meals and any highs. With mixtard, you can’t do either properly.

In either case, your blood sugar is unsafe this high and we are worried for you.