Bs going up after 2hpp

I have a friend that is having trouble with her post meal numbers. She had a 72 2hr pp and at 3 hr it 113. Im wondering for myself whats going on.what could be doing that Thanks Karen

It could be what she is eating – fattier foods sometimes take longer to process and can hit your BG a little later. It could also be the glycemic index of what she’s eating – some things just take longer to affect BG.

thank you

Seems like she would need to do more testing to see if the content of the meal was a factor. The 72 could be reactive hypoglycemia which is where the pancreas overreacts to a sudden glucose load and overshoots. The rise could be the pizza or pasta effect where carbs hit later than expected due to slow digestion or fat content of the meal. The thing is the 113 could be an entirely natural response to a certain type of meal as long as it got down to a normal fasting reading.

Those sound like excellent numbers. I’m not sure what she’s doing but she’s doing it right :slight_smile:

Would be good to know what her reading was before eating to see if her 72 was any increase & also at 4 hours pp. In addition to fatty food as Donna suggested, protein also takes longer to digest than carbs. High fiber also slows digestion & some people just have slower digestion.

That is fairly normal and nothing to worry about. We are all different and I, for example can go from normal 7 or 8 to 28 mmols after a bread roll and bacon, nothing else! It will go down if she takes her medication as normal.

No one size fits all. It is a case of working out a pattern.

High fat, high proteins also play a part in the equation, whether she is under stress, or even down to her hormones.