What is going on with all the asterisks on this site? Is anyone else seeing this? I.e., "gastric bypa**" and "Word A**ociation" -- is there a strange script being run?

Looks like word filter gone batty. For example document asterisks the c-u-m and word a**ociation makes it impossible to spell a-s-s

Yeah, also hello has become “H***o” – hilarious! We’re being censored!

Maybe just testing our awareness. Didn’t even notice how strange Word A**ociation looked on the home page until you mentionned it.

thats going to get very annoying very quick :wink:

Yep, I already noticed in one of my posts that it was printed as s***y food. I sure don’t know any cursewords that are spelled p-i-c though unless it’s a generation of slang I’m not up on!

Oh for pete’s sake… just saw a post with someone giving a standard greeting to others, but it was spelled “H***o!”

lol is this a joke??

Ewwww I just figured out the ethnic slur the program was cutting out, but it seems to be picking up things in the middle of words like a program gone amuck! (Hope it doesn’t asterisk my u-c-k! Or even my m-u-c-k which is very very dirty! Ok, this is making me silly!