This has to be a bug. I’ve been running this software version a while. This is the 1st time I’ve see this.

There’s something with the dosage calculator that is off.
It keeps wanting to deliver very, very large bolus dosages (14 units), for relatively minor events (like BG = 200). Now, those dosages are obviously wrong, so I haven’t delivered them. I noticed them while running open loop. But, when I ran closed-loop I kept getting low BG. So, I’m just staying on open loop for now.

Anybody seen this? Someone in real life asked me if I’d noticed anything odd in the new software version and I said that I hadn’t. But, this might have been what she saw. She was crashing dangerously low. It happened to her several times in a row.

Maybe related to dexcom server being down, and data not being shared?


The goofy dosage calculations pooped up before the servers went down. I’m running off manual sugars now. loop is totally shut down for me due to the sensor going down. I’m just holding my position until I hear that the servers are running again.

While I may be more clueless than most, I don’t know that you have given us enough info to help. Questions I have include:

  1. What software package?

  2. Is this running in association with a pump? If so, which one?

  3. Where are correction factors stored?

  4. Does it happen all the time or only at certain times of day?

I would look very carefully at the correction factors for a typo. For example, 5.0 mg/dL per unit instead of 50 mg/dL per unit WOULD result in very high correction doses due to a data entry error but not a bug.

Good luck,


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You TOTALLY dont have enough info to answer this. I don’t either. It only happened for a couple days in a row (in 2 months). It was only notable because it was such a high recommended dosage that was clearly incorrect. It recommended 14 units for BG = 200. The only other time I saw it recommend the max dosage was during a pump failure. It could see that something was wrong. I think I was running open loop in Loop (version installed Oct 21st)

No one else has seen this happen. I’ve asked around.