Building a Home Automation Routine for Blood Sugar

As a software engineer, I’ve been ruminating on the idea of building an automation for Google Home, where I could ask it what my blood sugar level is, and it would tell or notify me when the number goes over or under a certain level.

As a thought, it would require access to the Dexcom API, as well as hosting it somewhere, and in my case, Google, as it might present the lowest hurdles to integrating with Google Home, in the same way that Alexa might work better from Amazon.

Also, recently, ChatGPT has popped up, and I’ve been playing around with it to see its results. The image is the result of a question regarding building an API for blood sugar. Not terribly detailed, but a start…

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You will need to push the data from dexcom out instead of querying it because it has quite a limitation because of the safety issues and privacy etc.
Sugarmate has gotten around it by creating a calendar and pushing the data every 5 min . Seems like you have half the work done for you if you incorporate it. My Apple Watch uses this sugarmate datainto the calendar, then you can use the data to display glucose on my watch in real time and it will alarm as well based on sugarmate settings. If I set it to speak the data, it will, but in real life it’s irritating to hear my glucose being broadcast into the room.anyway you like

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