So I have restricted my carbs and calories by a lot (under 130 carbs a day and about 1100 calories). I know it’s not the most restrictive diet ever, but I’m able to live with it and it is a cut from what I was intaking. I’ve been following this for a month now–and I’ve only lost a good 3 pounds. I know that you’re only supposed to lose about 1 a week…but I didn’t even reach 1 pound a week. I’m slowly working in some exercise…but I thought I’d see a bigger change by now. This is going to be a looooong 50 pounds. :frowning:

For me, I’ve been eating according to physical hunger, as to not feel like I’m on some diet. I eat when I am physically hungry (not emotionally hungry, or just when the ‘hour of the day seems right’), and I stop when I am satisfied (not when I am full). What ends up happening is that I usually do not finish most of my meals, even though they are a ‘serving’. I eat with intention, and slowly, so that I feel what I’m eating, enjoy what I’m eating, and not ‘miss out on the experience,’ and then feel like I didn’t eat, or end up overeating. I’ve been eating about 30 - 35 g of carbs or less per meal, as any more than that usually makes me spike heavily. I have 3 main meals a day, and sometimes, 1 or 2 snacks a day. For exercise, I don’t have a car - so I have to walk everywhere, yes, even in the harsh winter cold. I drink lots of water, and I usually do not have anything else to drink but water, though ometimes I have milk with a low glycemic load cereal, like Fiber One bran, or I may have some decaff instant coffee. I mostly follow a glycemic load diet, and I have seen an incredible difference in my BS levels that way, and in my weight loss. I have lost 40 lbs since I was diagnosed, on Nov 17th, of 2009. A website that has been very helpful to me has been http://www.nutritiondata.com/. You can register for free, and in it you can custom enter the nutritional data of any food, and it will calculate the glycemic load for you. I find this works a lot easier for me, right now, and more effectively than a very restrictive low carb diet. (A good book on how to overcome emotional or compulsive eating, as I have done all my life, is “Breaking Free From Emotional Eating,” by Geneen Roth. It doesn’t really talk too much about Diabetes, but it does address a lot of the reasons why we sometimes binge so much. http://www.geneenroth.com/books.php)

Best of Luck.


Thanks for your post and for the links. I will check them out for sure…esp that book. I have met with a couple different nutritionists who have both said that most likely my problem is that my metabolism has slowed b/c while I have cut back some, I was already reduced before…so I need to increase my activiity (Iknow…I know) which will increase (maybe) my need for carbs. I am trying to find a way to make specific times in my schedule to exercise…but that is hard to do sometimes, but I really think that I have to now. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you too. I’ve had Type 1 since 1996…I wish I had found this site sooner! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that could be a problem. A good guideline I found once is that a woman should consume about 12 - 16 calories x their ideal weight, depending on how active they are, and they’re body frame. I usually consume about maybe 1200-1300 calories in a day, or something like that, with only about 90-100 g of carb a day or so. Most diets suggest 140-160, or something, but that’s too much for me. I can always see it reflected in my BG. Try adding some filling, lean proteins… Or even, some filling snacks. Sometimes I have a slice of low carb bread with Smart Balance peanut butter (has a LOT of Omega-3’s), and if I want it a little sweet, I add a sprinkling of truvía.

I am very glad for this group. We can do this together… lol :slight_smile: I am also glad I found this group so I don’t keep boring my friends and family to death with this talk. hahaha Good luck :))