Bummin on Bernstein When I've Got the Flu

I am slogging my way through a 2-week flu which started with 7 days of hives, 4 days of a head cold, and finished off not-so-gracefully with the stomach flu. It’s been awful, but the most frustrating part was trying to find typical “stomach friendly” foods as I was recovering from the stomach flu that also were ok for the Dr. B diet.

All I wanted was a bowl of plain white rice…a bowl of mashed potatoes…a bowl of plain pasta…a piece of bland toast. All the things my mom used to give me when recovering from the stomach flu. Things to ease the system back into digestin’ and survivin’.

When I finally could hold my head up again and regained my appetite, I found myself in a pool of tears, feeling sorry for myself because I just couldn’t figure out what to eat. Chicken broth was all I could come up with. Oh, and sugar free Jello. I’ve never been so frustrated about not being able to just eat what I want to eat.

You don’t say, type1phd, but it sounds like you are happy with the Bernstein diet ordinarily? But I’m wondering if maybe when you were sick and felt your body was asking for other things, or at least your need for comfort was, why not allow alternatives for your sick time?

Hope you’re feeling better!

14% sour cream Bernstein and tummy friendly at the same time.

Pureed soups are pretty tummy friendly.

Try cooking down some broccoli, white onion and garlic in chicken broth until it is mush, then throwing it in the blender. Add some finely minced cooked chicken and a dollop of miso or a splash of tamari soy sauce, and you’re good to go.

I use this a lot when I’m sick; it’s like kanji without the rice. Very mild once the veggies have been cooked down and pureed.

You can even “drink” it from a coffee cup, which can be comforting to cradle in your hands.

You can make the same pureed soup with cauliflower and add sour cream at the end, instead of miso.

Plain yogurt is also tummy-friendly. I actually like to blend mine with sugar-free Jello. It makes a fluffy treat when my tummy is iffy.

I hope you feel better very soon!