Burn Out

How do you all deal with D burn out? I have been disgnosed for just over 7 months now, T2, using diet,exercise, oral, and multiple injections daily. I have been in a funk for the past couple of weeks with everything relating to D. I continue to be OCD about testing, dosing, correcting, etc (I don’t want to not be in control of it). How did you all get out of your funk if you were ever in one?


I’ve been in a once, never again. I was tired of testing. I stopped for a few months and I promised myself never to do it again. Being apart of a great online communities (TuDiabetes, Diabetesdaily) and my family have helped me tremendously. I try to stay active, stay positive and pray that’s what helps me. I hope you come out of your funk soon. We have all been there at least once if not more often. Sending you hugs! I promise it’ll be ok.

I’ve had Diabetes so long that I don’t get burn out. It’s so routine. My other autoimmune disease burns me out sometimes though.

Helen gives Good examples in comparison. You are just newly diagnosed so burn-out is normal.

I just learned all that I needed to learn about Diabetes and how Life situations and foods affected my blood sugars. Help from my Endo with med dosages and basals, of course helped. Great Luck to you Jennifer!! :slight_smile:

Even when I am in a blue funk about it I read TU or Diabetes Daily to help keep me focused. That seems to help. I am entitled to my blue funks. Washing the dishes helps Helen when they pile up. LOL

I also have become more focused on my testing. What is the purpose of this test? If your just taking BG’s without meaning such as focusing on the diet, then I think I am just wasting a strip.

Hang in there, you are not alone in this feeling.

I think… I try to deal with it as I deal with any episode of Depression I might have… with kindness. It is so very important to be kind to yourself when you are hurting, depressed, or in a funk. Recognize and accept to yourself how you feel, and tell yourself that it is OKAY to feel this way. It is! We are human, and we are not Energizer bunnies, so we will get tired, unmotivated, and depressed. I slowly go through the simple motions of showing love to myself with mini-vacation type activities like taking a warm, long bath, or giving myself a foot spa, or allowing myself to read a good book (even though I may always claim I never have time for this); we are always so busy giving other people love, yet we rarely reserve some for ourselves. Do anything that focuses on YOU that has nothing to do with Diabetes. Find a new, regular activity which you love, and you can immerse yourself in without much thought for the outside world. Then focus on how healthy you are, right now. On the wonderful changes you have made in your life, like a healthy diet, a healthier weight, stronger muscles, and more exercise… how of all the people you know, you are probably one of the healthiest. Focus on all the GOOD things that have come out of this Diabetes… and how wonderful it is that you got a chance to deal with, and reverse your outcome and position along that path. The key is, focus on all the positive… be with positive people who love you, that are making it worth it to live for many more years… and show yourself love! Remind yourself that you are MORE than just your Diabetes. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps… and good luck. :slight_smile: