Burned out

Ok so I've gotten out of a relationship a couple months back and i'm job searching right now like crazy for a full time job nothing has popped up, my blood sugars are ok like always not to bad not to good.. I just had a low blood sugar tonight (coming back up as I type) but feeling not to good. I'm burned out guys like really really really burned out. Diabetes I feel really plays with my head in a negative way. When I'm dating, when i'm working, I get tired of it all. I know theres so many worse things out there (no doubt) just hating diabetes so much right now. sorry to rant just not in good head space.

you'd think something good was coming are way right?

Wow what a new revelation....diabetes ruins everything. Who would have thought? Seriously I don't know about you but I refuse to accept living with this rest of my life however long that may be. I will pester every research company and make it known I want out of this hell before its over. I assume you haven't had this near as long as me Jim so you'll see the longer you have it the more pissed you'll get. It always sucks. In fact I think its that bad most of the time I hope I just don't get up. I'm sitting hear now waiting for my morning spike to come back down starving to death, then off to work.

sorry you're going thru a tough patch now but it will get better. take care of yourself