Burnout Incognito: Silent but Deadly

A couple months ago (in my blog) I posted an entry about burnout. Well there is something that I didn't realize until today. Burnout can happen without you even knowing. It took a big smack in the face from fellow diabetics to wake me up from my daydream of sorts. You see, I made some choices that didn't set well with some of my diabuddies. I was upset at some things that were said & couldn't see it at the time. They were right. Over the past couple of months I was making poor choices when concerning my diabetes management. I was eating the wrong stuff & just going with the motions. That is not what diabetes management is. Diabetes Management is about two key things: Changing YOU & getting better bg results. Both are like a well-oiled machine, you need both in order to achieve success. to change your lifestyle in order to achieve the golden numbers I call them My golden numbers are 70-180 mg/dl. That's my personal set. The goal is to lower the maximum number as much as possible. I wasn't even aware of what I was doing to myself until today. That goes to show that Burnout can happen without warning & sometimes you can't recognize it until someone spells it out for you. I'm glad to say I've snapped out of it & you can too!

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In spite of the fact that we usually mention your title after someone farts, just kidding...I can totally relate to what you are saying. It is often that I get off track just from a small change in routine. I don't want to be hyper vigilant, but I do want my awareness of what I need to do about diabetes to be a huge priority in my life.