Business trip

I am going on my very first business trip, leaving tonight and coming back Friday evening.

Excited, but also a bit nervous. My blood sugars are always chaos when I travel due to the interruption in schedule and unfamiliar food. This is the first time I'll be travelling completely alone (I've flown alone before no problem, but always met up with friends/family to go to the hotel or wherever we were staying).

I asked for a small fridge for my hotel room which I said was for medication but I really want to use for food. If I can stop by a supermarket when I get there and grab some stuff I will at least have some control over what I eat. Bad part is I don't think that food would be covered by my company since it's not really "meals" but we will see. Also, since it's only a two night stay it might be hard since I wouldn't want to buy something like an entire loaf of WW bread, etc.

I got up early to pack and tested at 13.0 (234). I corrected that as well as bolused for breakfast and waited an hour to eat and an hour later I'm 13.5 (243). Stuff like this drives me crazy. I am going to eat since it's that or just skip breakfast completely.

Hi Jen,

When traveling for work I take food with me. I go to Costco and get lunch packs of crackers & cheese, etc. Or I get diabetic-friendly protein bars. And I always carry something with me on the plane since food service is so iffy these days.

The other thing I do is find a deli close to the hotel and get a salad or something to go. Or order room service but "save" it for later. Buying from a deli or room service gets around the "it's not meals" objection.

You'll only be gone for a couple of days. Think of it as an opportunity to try a couple of things out.


Way to go Jen! Business trips can be fun. Hope you're going someplace you've never been before and have time for a little sightseeing.

Delis are a great idea - a good deli sandwich without the rye bread - still yum! I always travel with cheese sticks and little packs of peanut butter. Can't wait for the report.

Food= medicine if you have diabetes. I always make sure my fridge is full of medicine when I travel for business...

Except I don't travel on business much these days, day trips to courtrooms and all that. We use to find places to eat when we travel. Room service usually is overpriced and, if you're getting expenses, I like to blow them on something tasty? Yelp will sort by "rating" so you can find the best restaurants of whatever sort you want? That'd be my recommendation...