Busy Day Yesterday

I’m 32 weeks along. The docs think I’m 30 weeks along, but we miscarried last Fall without a cycle in between, so they are only guessing the conception date. I actually know when we conceived.

Yesterday, I was having contractions all day long. I’ve had Braxton Hicks contractions for about 2 weeks now but they were irregular. It’d just be a tightening of my stomach for about 30-45 seconds every few minutes… and then they’d go away.

But, yesterday’s were different. They were slightly painful yesterday. I felt ill all day long. I only left the house for an hour to go grocery shopping. While grocery shopping I was having strong contractions (borderline painful) for 30-45 seconds, every 5 minutes for 2 full hours straight. We got home and I laid down in the air-conditioned bedroom with my feet up, a glass of water, and pretty much stayed in bed for the rest of the day. The contractions slowed, coming only once every 30-45 minutes. But I even found myself waking up in the middle of the night from them. They’re back to being irregular now.

I have my Non-Stress Test for the week today and am probably going to ask my OB if I’ve dilated or effaced at all.

Anyone else experience this? Is it possible I may go into labor early and will have a chance at a natural birth without Pitocin IV drip induction?

So based on what are your doctors saying you are 30 weekes along? By measurments? My pregnancy also doesn’t match with my cycle, but it has been this way since my first ultrasound (at 5 weeks) and stayed this way. So i just had a late ovulation.
I’ve been having BH contractions since week 18 i think (i’m 31w now). Some days i have many of them, some days not so many. But they don’t seem to have affected my preganancy anyway. Sometimes i feel a disconfort when they happen, but i wouldn’t say it’s pain. I don’t know if that is what you felt, but it seems to be more then that. With un ultrasound your doctor should tell if the contractions are real or BH and if they did any harm.
I hope your baby stays there at least for another 5 weeks, he’s too young now to come out!

Did the contractions stop? I would certainly talk to the OB-GYN about what happened today!!

Going into labor naturally is great, but I hope that your body will wait a few more weeks. You also need to make sure that you are not going into labor due to some stress the baby is in. The non-stress test and ultrasound will show that. Do you have ultrasounds every week? They have been checking the status of the placenta with an ultrasound each week, which is reassuring.

I have only had very mild Braxton Hicks contractions. I hardly noticed them and they have only been painful when I was walking or overtired.

Hope that you are both doing well and that the visit today will be informative!

I have had the same thing… I see my OB tomorrow to see if I am dilated at all, and if I am they will probably put me on bedrest. I’ve called about a dozen times though, and, as they said to you… unless its increasing in intensity and cannot be relieved (a little) by drinking water, resting, or walking (depending on what triggers it) then its probably “nothing to worry about”. To be honest, this doesn’t make it suck less, because its still a ridiculously uncomfortable and scary experience. I have constant mild contraction in my uterus every evening for about four hours – interspersed with strong ones whenever I try to do anything (you know, like roll over in bed).

Let us know how it goes! I’ve always though BHs sounded so innocent, but these are definitely NOT!