...but, here comes Daylight Savings Time to the rescue

The time change has saved me. Because of the annual ritual of setting clocks back in the fall, my sons’ 9 pm bedtime has become 8 pm, which means (since I went to bed when they did) I got a full 10 hours last night—bliss! Even waking up to my internal alarm clock at 5 am, I finally got enough rest. Eric didn’t have any lows in the night, so that alarm clock was silent, too. Here’s hoping that November will be a MUCH better month than October was. If I never have to live through another October like that, I’ll be a happy woman. It used to be that February was my least favorite month—at least until Nate was born (in February, obviously)—but now I think it’s going to be October for a while. February, now that I think about it, has a lot to recommend it, for all that it is cold and dreary and blah. For one thing, Nate’s birthday is at its midpoint. For another, it’s at least mercifully short (unlike October!). The kids get a week off of school in February, enabling us (in theory) to go to Florida for a break from the cold, but that’s not true in October. October also seems to be the month when the economy goes into the toilet—think 1929, 1987, and now, of course, 2008—all October. When’s the last time you heard of a recession starting in February? And, at the end of it comes March, which is the first gateway to springtime—although there are those who could argue that March isn’t much different than February, at least not in Maine… but I can always feel the trees starting to wake up in March, and there’s definitely more sunlight, so I don’t agree. So I’m making it official: February is back in my good graces, October is OUT.

And October has left
Not a tear poured over him
And Hope arrived
Sweet as it be
Waiting for thanks giving,
And then,
The New Year
Then here come February
Followed by marching March
Things will get better
And when October will arrive
Economy boom and bless
Nation wide
And allover the globe
God is kind
For that we are all sure
Bless you my friend !!

3 November

Hoorah to a good night of sleep! And wishing you many more!!!