But it's MY blood

i’ve been waiting for my a1c results to come back. they always mail me a copy of the paperwork and only call to tell me about it if something needs to be done quickly. but i’m been getting anxious to find out what my number is so i called the office yesterday. i talked to the recptionist and asked her if she could check with the doctor about what my bloodwork said. she said unless there was something wrong i would just receive the papers in the mail. it’s great to have the numbers in front of you and everything so you can see what they consider “normal” and where you are in respect to it, but it’s my blood.can’t i know as soon as they have it done? of course i didn’t say that to the receptionist. after all, i’ve seen seinfield.

You got that right. My endo sends my results on average about 3 weeks after drawn. Even then it’s just select ones. I have since requested the entire report be sent to me. I get them, but not until about 3 weeks. I think that is too long.

I usually have my appointment on Fridays and by Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week I get the results and a written a_ _ chewing from my doctor. LOL