Buying Fiasp in Mexico

Hi: I was told by a Mexican endo that Fiasp is labeled as NovoRapid in Mexico. Does anyone know if this is true? I would like to try out Fiasp. Thanks in advance for your help!

NovoRapid is the name used for NovoLog outside the U.S. I don’t think they would use it for Fiasp in Mexico, but I don’t know for sure. Just researched more and they call Fiasp, Fiasp in Mexico. If you buy NovoRapid, you will get NovoLog.

Fiasp is basically NovoLog with the addition of B3 to speed up its action. This is what I found as a description of Fiasp:

“Novo Nordisk teamed up their workhorse Novolog insulin with a B3 vitamin (nicotinamide) to make it absorb more quickly and the amino acid arginine to stabilize it. That’s right! Fiasp insulin is simply Novolog with two small additions: Vitamin B3 and naturally occurring arginine. Researchers discovered that adding nicotinamide to the insulin aspart molecule causes its initial absorption to happen more quickly.”

Oh no that is absolutely NOT true. There’s no FIASP in Mexico (yet). NovoRapid is the same as NovoLog as @Willow4 just said.

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Thanks, @Willow4 and @Mariana11! On a Facebook group, one of the members checked on a Diabetes in Mexico board that she belongs to, and she said that Fiasp is not yet in Mexico. Bummer, as I have an upcoming trip there. But good to have the correct info, that Novolog is NovoRapid outside of the US.

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