By John S. Wilkinson

Things I found out being Type 2 Diabetic for 28 years.

Things I learned in 28 years of diabetes

No one knows what causes Diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2.
Sugar does not cause Diabetes
Obesity does not cause Diabetes
Diabetes is many diseases under one title, the symptoms are unregulated
Blood Sugar
There is no cure for Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2
Everyone is different so don’t compare to other people
Diabetes is a progressive disease It gets worse with time. In some people
slower than other.
A1c’s can be cheated. You can have a blood glucose level of 350 mg./dl
several times during a 3 month period
and still have an A1c of 5.2%
There is no one diet, right for everyone.
Exercise is least efficient in burning calories
Don’t eat them to start with is much better
I won’t die if I don’t change my lancet every time I test.
I don’t have to use alcohol wipes
I can reuse syringes
I can reuse reservoir in my pump many times
I can reuse the tubing on my pump, if I want to do a quick change.
The more I test and correct the lower my A1c will be.
Knowledge is the basis for treatment of Diabetes
Cost of Diabetes treatment increases every year