By request: Mr Peachy's daily diet template

Some folks have requested that I give an example of my diet that has worked sufficiently well enough to allow me to stop taking medication. Of course, that’s not without a daily exercise regimen.

Hopefully, you have the ability to download and view Microsoft Word Docs… see the three attached to see a typical example of my basic daily intake.

You might attach them in an RTF format as well, for those who are wary of virus-infected word docs.

thanks for sharing. I like your idea of a salad mix that lasts for several days. I feel like I should eat more salads but I find making them to be a pain.

I’ll see what I can do. After well over a year, I still have difficulty navigating and utilizing this site.

Yes, I dread the day after I use the last of my mix. That means nearly a half hour of chopping the next day. I rarely miss a day of salad, though. I also try to mix it up with substitute ingredients now and then, like raw beet instead of turnip, or next time, I’m going to try cauliflower instead of broccoli.

PDF would be a good format too I think. Could use a service like to turn your docs into PDF if you don’t have another way to do it.

The problem is, I can’t copy and past into these windows without really messing up the formatting, and I’ve used up the only three available upload gizmos.

Here are the files in RTF format. For those concerned about viruses, they can open this version.

Thank you for writing these out! Gave me some new ideas, but I must say that you eat a lot less than I do. Did you find that you were hungry when you started this diet? Do you still have any issues with feeling hungry?
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Thanks for the conversion. No, something about high nutrition foods seems to stave off the hunger. Much of my reading seems to indicate that many manufactured foods, because of their lack of important nutrients, do not satiate the hunger urge. Actually, though, I do eat quite a bit. Remember, those Calories I posted are net Calories. If you included the fiber and fructose, there would be considerably more carb Calories. There are other factors that affect appetite… like low amounts of L-glutamine in our system. Adequate amounts of L-glutamine can ward off cravings for sugar and most other carbs. Something tells me that I’m getting adequate amounts, because I rarely get hungry despite the 5 to 8 miles of brisk walking I do each day.

Thank you, Craig, for your meal plan. I do have a few questions though.

Do you actually get enough vitamins and nutrients from your daily meal plan, or, do you need to suppliment in some way (i.e. Vitamins)?

Are you SURE that you are giving your brain enough food each day? Our brain NEEDS glucose (carbs) to survive! Glucose is food for our brain It’s the equivalent of oxygen! If we don’t consume enough carbs, it’s like starving our brain. If you don’t give your brain cells enough food, they die off!!

Do you actually ENJOY your meals every day? Or, do you do it JUST because it keeps you from taking a pill (or 2) each day? Your meal plan seems rather boring to me. Very limited in choices. I know that I could not keep that up. It’s very SSDD. I’m the type of person, that if I don’t have choices, I just can’t deal. I NEED variety! Different flavors. Not just one or two! What is life for, if we cannot enjoy it??

It doesn’t appear that you eat vey much every day, on all aspects of your diet. Excepting salad (though, I DO love salads!!!). We all know that salad, in general, is a very empty food. Except maybe for the nutrients/vitamins part. Not enough in the glucose field to support your brain, though. Unless one adds carby food items to the mix. Your diet, or rather, “meal plan” much better words for it, definitely doesnt’ seem to be enough to support a very active lifestyle, either! For those that have a very active lifestyle.

Just just because your doctor “approves” of something, doesn’t mean that it’s “ok”! Doctors are WELL known to be WAY behind the times, and/or, just not knowlegable enough about certain things! Just go and read about all the people who’ve been told some REALLY shotty advice about how to “deal” with thier Diabetes, by their doctors!! “Just cut back on the sugar” and “Just watch your diet”, for example! (both were the advice I got when I was diagnosed!!) It involves WAY more than that! Have you spoken to a Dietician about your diet? They are the ones who are in the “know” about this stuff! And, I’d add a Dietician that is not all “gung ho” on Atkins, Sugar Busters or Dr. Bernstien! Or, any other “Low Carb” way of life!!

Also, please understand that we are NOT all alike!! What affects one in a certain way, does not neccessarily affect another in that same way! When I was put on insulin, I was probably eating (on average) of less than 50 grams of carbs per day (which I do not feel is healthy!), AND I was also taking Metformin (1000mg 2x daily) and Glipizide (10mg 2x daily)!! JUST because your meal plan works for you, to keep you from having to take oral “anti-Diabetic” meds, doesn’t mean that it will work for somebody else!

I don’t mean to sound attacking, mean, or ugly! I’m just trying to bring a realistic point of view to the table here I’m NOT saying for others to not try it, I"m just saying that JUST because it works for you, does NOT mean that it will work for everyone else.

It’s just an option. An option to TRY, and see if it works. If it works, and one is happy with it, then fine! Otherwise, do NOT judge others. Period.

Good! I’m glad that you are not hungry all the time. I misunderstood the calories then. I thought that you were eating 400 calories a day!!!

I do the same thing. And I make different salads every weekend, making enough for the week. I like just raw cabbage and carrots with plain (greek) yogurt in it and spices (a version of cole slaw). OR just cucumbers, tomatoes and feta cheese (greek salad). Or just mixing together any vegetables that I have. I like to put spices on it (like basil, oregano, garlic.) and then I can eat it just plain or with some balsalmic vinegar (which I guess is not a raw food!).

More than enough carbs here for anyone’s brain. 50% of protein turns to glucose. Not that anyone should, but your brain wouldn’t be starved if you ate nothing but protein.

Craig’s salad is nutrient rich. Empty “except maybe for the nutrients/vitamins part”–huh? What’s empty about his ingredients of broccoli, sprouts, avocadoes, bell peppers, garbanzo beans, etc.? Raw food contain vital enzymes as well.

I’ve yet to encounter a dietician who knew much about nutrition:) Also have yet to meet or hear of a dietician who advocated for low carb or any of the people you mentioned.

Craig, would you mind explaining about fructose needing no insulin?

Hello Judith,

I was taking nopal cactus capsule supplements and bitter melon, but they didn’t seem to be doing much. The one thing that seemed to make the most difference, in my case, was potassium rich foods. Bananas in particular. If you’re not taking in between 2,000 and 4,000 milligrams of (natural) potassium, you might want to look into these groups:
Potassium rich, low carb veggies ,
Potassium rich, (relatively) low carb fruits and: Potassium rich seafoods.

Under’s tools menu is a very handy nutrient search tool that helps in finding these sorts of things. My reading and personal experience indicates that nutrient deficiency may be a major contributor to our condition. It’s been a slow process, but it’s been a worthwhile effort. Here’s yet another Mr. Peachy mantra… the more you learn and the harder you work, the luckier you will become.

I’ve only recently heard of the hemp powder from a friend who beat Morgellon’s disease and fibromyalgia. I have yet to try it. I’m confident that you will find a formula that works well for you. Beating insulin resistance took considerable time, in my case, so I urge patience, persistence, and most of all, positivity.

Take care,

I do take several vitamin and herbal supplements, mostly for fibromyalgia, though. My diet gives me more than ample vitamins and other essential nutrients. My brain is doing very well, thank you. I enjoy my meals a lot. I made the shift from living to eat to eating to live a long time ago. There is nothing “empty” about my salads. They are a complete meal all by themselves. Go to and look up each of the ingredients and marvel at all the vitamins, minerals, and other essentials that are in my salad. 14 months ago, I was out hiking and got a pretty bad case of lactic acidosis thanks to Metformin… I have good reason not to take it as it hinders my exercise routine and saps my body of essential nutrients. I hate to tell you this, but too many empty carbs are precisely what got us here and the only way out is to cut way back. Read this article. I quit listening to so called healthcare professionals a couple of years ago when I realized that I wasn’t getting where I wanted to go. I disagree on dietitians being in the know when it comes to reducing insulin resistance. My studies would indicate that we are more alike than you might think… at least when it comes to the causes leading up to insulin resistance and the reversal thereof. I refer you to the article linked above.

To me, it’s not an option. You see, I can’t afford health insurance, I can’t afford test strips, and I can’t afford Metformin. If I continued the lifestyle that got me here and were told that I had to go on insulin, I would die in six weeks. You see, I have no choice but to give my body what it needs, not what my formerly high fructose corn syrup stained taste buds desire.

Thank you for your advice. I’ll consider it…


Finding good articles on fructose is difficult because, if you do a search, most are centered on how bad it is. All that, of course, is due to the 60 pounds, or so, a year that the average American consumes in the form of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)… hardly a natural source. Normal consumption, or at least what was once normal in pre-industrial revolution days, of fructose are actually beneficial in the homeostasis of our blood sugars. Here are two articles on fructose metabolism a short one and a rather in depth one.

Thanks for the support Gerri. I try to ignore the naysayers, pretty much. Most Americans get about three to four times more “empty” carbs than they really need. All they would have to do to figure that out is a little math. I often feel as though I’m spitting into the wind.

Best regards,

Dear Judith.

You can buy some Nosalt at the supermarket it is potassium chloride. I use a small amount to rebalance our unflavorable sodium/potassium consumption a bit more in favour of potassium. I think we should consume 1:1 and it is probably 10:1 in favour of sodium. Just a thought if you can’t do bananas. They say if we had a more balanced magnesium, potassium sodium balance we would not need blood pressure meds at all. The prepared food and restaurant is loaded in sodium only. Some meds make you retain potassium so be careful.

Who says you can’t? Can you do a baked potato? If so, then a banana should be no problem at all. Bananas have far fewer net carbs, they have a lower glycemic index, considerably lower glycemic load, and way more nutrients.

Potato: GI: 60 GL 18
Banana: GI: 51 GL: 12.8

Fruits are not the villain they’re made out to be. Packaged, refined, processed, enriched, preserved and manufactured carbs most certainly are.

How about avocados? They’re loaded with potassium and many other essentials. Meanwhile, there’s practically no sugar in them at all. Fat, you’re thinking? Fat is good. It has more than twice as much energy per gram than carbohydrates do and it requires no insulin whatsoever. Meanwhile this nutrient rich fruit helps lower insulin resistance. Plus, they’re quite yummy.

Have a good evening, Judith.

Important to have discussions, I think. I’ve learned a lot from Tu D & am excited to learn more.

Thanks for fructose links. Very interesting.

Dear my Peachy.

I agree if you have will power, a banana is great but I tend to eat 3 of out the bunch it is like salted almond no control . A lack of morale fibre person sould be in a eat sauekraut only cult.

Love avocadoes and find then a bit greassy so eating 1/2 or the whole only is very possible.

You are givings us an extensive list of yummy low carb foods. we should all try an incorporate as many as possible over the next few months. Thanks