By the Numbers

This is how often I hit each of these bs levels (on average):

Under 70: Once a day

Over 200: Twice a day

Over 300: Once or twice a week

Over 400: Once every other month

Over 500: Not for many years (before CGMs, pods, and humalogs)

How about you?

Under 70: Once or twice a week
Over 200: Every couple months
Over300: Not since I started my current basal/bolus insulin regimen about a year ago

Sounds like your diabetes is not well controlled. Do you use an I:C ratio for your bolus? Do you thnk your basal is at the right dose? If I was seeing numbers like that I’d definitely either alter my doses and ratios or see my endo.

This is an interesting question, but it is really important to keep in mind that high blood sugars are bad for all of us, but some of us can get to more extremes more quickly. When I still had some insulin production (i.e. honeymooning), it was very rare to go above 200, even when I took too little insulin. When the honeymoon ended, I learned that inaccurate carb counting (even being off by 10 grams!!) can send me above 200!!!

I used to see numbers above 200 every day. If I checked half an hour after eating, then I might still find them. But in general these would be my answers:

Under 70: 2-3 times per week
70-140: Many! :slight_smile:
140-200: 0-2 times per day (depends on the day)
Over 200: 2-3 times per week
Over 300: Once when I forgot to take my insulin with lunch :frowning:
Over 400: Very rare
Over 500: Even more rare

Under 70–twice a day
Over 200–once a week–maybe
Over 300–very rare

Oh darn. If we have to add in 140-200, I would say once a day or at least once every other day. More than I like!

Under 70 - once a week
140-200 many times a day (most of my readings)
200-300 0-3x daily depending on the day - today 233 after breakfast
over 300 very rare

Under 70 - Once every 3months
Over 200- Quite often, definitely daily,usually more than once
Over 300-About 3 time a week
Over 400-Once a month
I just try to keep in between 100-150, however, I end up going over 200 kind of a lot.