Bygureon..not so good for me

a few months ago, i started Bygureon the once weekly injection, all went well until the 3rd injection, at first the injection sites started to swell, within 24hrs my whole skin had broken out in hives..for the next 6 days i saw 4 different doctors, all told me to continue with the Bygureon and things would settle..
Day 7 i ended up in A&E fighting for my life, due to a Anaphylaxis, caused by Bygureon.

I understand that this is a wonder drug for some, but not for others, and this is just an heads up for anyone who is starting this drug, just to be aware that the Anaphylaxis need not be spontaneous but can build up over so many days..
I might just add that the GPS i saw all had to refer to there medical books, because non had ever heard of bygureon or better know as exenatide