C-peptide May Cause Clogged Arteries!

Because I know there is a movement in the Type 1 community to demand that manufacturers add C-peptide to injected insulin, based on some research suggesting that C-peptide might protect against nerve damage, I’d urge you to read my latest blog post.

Research That’s Been Ignored: C-Peptide May Cause Thickened Arteries.

I discovered a bunch of research that has not been given any coverage by the Diabetes community which shows that C-peptide is found in lesions in damaged arteries and that, more importantly, C-peptide is able to cause overgrowth in the tissues that make up our arteries. C-peptide also appears to increase inflammation.

There are lots of cites in the blog post which I won’t reproduce here, but these findings have massive implications for both people with Type 1 and with Type 2 diabetes. Do have a look.

Wow. Thanks for sharing Jenny!