Calibrating BG meters

I have not been calibrating my meters in like 2 - 3 years and now all the control solutions are out dated and I need to re place them. How often should we “calibrate” these meters?

Are you asking about blood glucose meters or continuous glucose monitors?

The meter makers say to calibrate (use control solution for meters that have control solution) every time you open a new bottle of test strips or get a number that seems really off to you.

In reality, I bet very few of us actually use control solution. Once in a blue moon I’ll buy a new bottle and use it. But they tend to expire in 90 days, so it’s difficult to keep up.

You may, however, want to update your meter (many doctor’s offices hand out free meters). The newer models generally require less blood, have more memory, and, in some cases, are smaller.

I never use the control solution. Think it’s just a way to get us to buy even more supplies & use more strips:)

Hi Emily,

I’ve been a T1 diabetic for 12 years and have yet to use one of those control solutions.

Cheers, Mike

Try finding control solution these days, even some pharmacies do not carry them. I went and bought a bottle and it was for the wrong type of meter. Seems that each model has a different control solution.

If the two meters give roughly the same result I wouldn’t bother. One or the other might fail but the chance of both failing at the same time is small.