Do any of my T1 brothers or sisters agree or disagree that you should only calibrate when your glucose reading is within a "normal" range. Otherwise your monitor will take longer to get within 20% of blood test.
Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if this question has been discussed previously.

I was told by my Dexcom Rep (for my G4) to only calibrate it 2-3 times a day, and never when there are vertical arrows, and only correct it when it's over 20% off from a blood test.

I've been doing that for a couple months now (with great results) but on my current sensor I decided to experiment and calibrated it for EVERY blood test I did for the first couple days (and I test 8-9 times a day!).
I've found it to be just as accurate as before.... couldn't really say if it was better or worse.

The only thing I've never done is correct it when it has the double arrows... but I would suspect that if it really was detrimental to the G4, the receiver would just ignore it that calibration!

I do it 2-3 x a day and whenever I feel like it. I have found the D4 to be so accurate, it makes no difference if i am rising or dropping. That sid, hve never done with 2 arrows, just one. ( please to not get too many double arrows lately)

I have been using the both the Dex 7+ and the G4 for about 6 months. I enter all of my finger stick bGs in the Dex. I do not rely on the number displayed on the Dex, only the shape of the curve.

I have read many (30+) professional articles (most juried professioinal publications) since I went on a Ping Pump 4 1/2 years ago about CGMs. The conclusion drawn by my endo, my CDE, my PMD, and me, is "it is the curve" not the number.

Hope this helps

I have had the G4 for 6 months. I am also a Medical Technologist who calibrates lab instruments. Usually the best calibration is with a high number. If it is correct with a high number everything below should be alright considering the intercept is zero on both. But the meters are more accurate between 100 and 300 mg/dl. Calibrating with numbers over 300 may not be good and I agree when the arrows are going up do not calibrate.

I should have made it clear that I was only referring to the calibration of NEW SENSOR.