CALL FOR INPUT: Glucose Monitoring Experiences of Type 2s

From Diabetes Mine

Sept 2, 2012

If you have type 2 diabetes and you use a glucose meter — or if you have a meter but don’t use it regularly for some reason — we need your help. I have been asked to compile an article for the ADA journal Diabetes Spectrum on T2 patient feedback and their experiences with glucose monitoring.

For this purpose, we are running a brief survey over at DiabeticConnect and I ask you to please, please (pretty please!) take a few minutes to give us your input. There are just about a dozen multiple choice questions and lots of room for you to add comments if you like. Read more...

I responded, but much of the survey seemed focused on newly diagnosed T2s. Since I've been blessed with this affliction for some time and am now on insulin, I'm not sure how I fit into things.

Hi Brian,

This is meant to query ALL type 2s regardless of how long ago you were diagnosed.

But since much of the survey focuses on the training you may (or may not) have received when you first got your meter, we are asking people to "think back" a little to that time.

We hope many long-timers will participate as well!

AmyT of

Thanks for the clarification. I hope the survey results are useful. Personally, I feel that most T2s are done a huge disservice by not getting appropriate training on the use of a meter for making actionable changes, whether it be diet, exercise or medication. I'll be interested in whether some of this is reflected in your results.