Calling Dexcom Users

I had some problems with my upgrade to the Dexcom Seven—and spent lots of time talking to the Dexcom Techincal Support Team—my experience has been fantastic with that team. But all of them tell me that they never hear the good stuff. Seems obvious, i mean who would call to say --“Hey Brad things are going great with this sensor!”

I got to thinking that it woudl be nice to send a note to the Manager of Customer Service and Techincal Support with happy stories about our Dexcom(s).

If you reply to this, i will put them all together and send it over to their Manager.

Come on guys—say a few nice words—please—write as much or as little as you like.

My note is:
Dexcom user since June 2007 - it has changed my life - even with a few hiccups here and there, all in all this little thing is great! My A1c has improved and i am down to a 6.0–i no longer sleep thru lows—and no longer stay high from any length of time. I feel smarter and healthier. Thanks to all of you on the Dexcom Team.

Great idea, Mollie.

Dear Dexcom Team:

I started using the Dexcom STS in June 2006 and recently upgraded to the Dexcom 7. Whenever I’ve had to use tech support (which has been rare), had a question, concern or request, a Dexcom rep or employee has always stepped up to help. You are putting out a great product and providing A-1 service. Thanks for all you do.


thanks Terry—anyone else out there?

Hi Mollie! I’m getting my DexCom 7 tomorrow… I’m soo excited… I just wanted to tell you that I got DexCom 7 and a month supply of sensore for $690.00… That was GREAT… They had a promotion on DexCom 7 Starter Kit for $450.00… I don’t know when It will go off… I know one thing is… They call you back when you leave a message with the cosumer service since they were out of the office because of the wildfires…

Dexcom Team: I have been using Dexcom (STS and more recently 7) since February 2007. First of all in 6 months of use, my A1c went from 6.9 to 5.9. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to try a continuous glucose monitor at first, but I really have not had any major problems with it. The few issues I have had were resolved or corrected rather quickly through Technical Support, and now I feel strange when I do not have it connnected. I do not believe that I once just relied on finger sticks alone. The best factor for me about Dexcom is the trend data. I am able to correct a low before I have a major effect and correct a high so that I can return to a fairly normal blood glucose value quickly. A major part of the guess work is removed. Expense is an issue, but I have to say I worked with Tania, and she was able to get me some reimbursement, which was a big help. I am very appreciative. All and all, I have been very pleased with Dexcom, and I thank you all for your help in making this tool a much better experience than I ever expected in the management of my diabetes.