Calorie counts off at many chain restaurants
This article didn’t surprise me at all. I’ve definitely bolused for the printed amount of carbs before and was high later.

Has anyone found chronic offenders for mislabeled carb counts?

I like to eat at P.F.Chang’s because of its wide selection of meals. I read in the paper recently that one of my favorite dishes at P.F.Chang’s was found to have double the number of calories as published. As a diabetic, of course, I’m more concerned about carb counts. But still, recent reports about mislabeled calorie counts make me more cautious about carb counts.

Frozen foods. I posted a blog on a news story, on ABC, done about frozen foods being off 20-30% from what they claim. I can handle a certain amount of carbs, and I portion accordingly… and yes, this one Weight Watchers meal made me way off, one day. I wondered about it… and yeah, there it was. No big surprise anymore.

On the “Eat this, Not That” site (, P.F. Chang’s is one of the worst rated restaurants. We don’t have one in my area, so I wouldn’t know, but yeah, their caloric analysis for many of their dishes is scary. I like to check on their site now, before I go to some well known restaurant.

what annoys the crap out of me is when national chains have something on their menu that they have no nutritional info for in the resturaunt.

this has happened so many times to me, but thankfully my insulin sensitivity is pretty high, so i can still calculate low 10 grams and not be over 150

This is one big challenge at meal time. Carbs are not all the same and I have to consider the glycemic load factor in the calculation for the bolus. I never trust the info, but it can a good starting point. When this X is mixed with Y with foods you may get A instead of XY. How it is prepped, cooked, mixed, added to, cooked and etc are al factors. I would love to see an accurate GL number for all foods.

Here is a link the the USDA nutrition data:

Yes, I rely on this a lot… I also use a good website called, which you can enter the nutrition info for anything, and it will calculate GL for it. Of course, cooking, and cooling do affect GL (and they have another calculator for that, too), but they have an extensive database of already pre-determined foods (a lot of basic ones, and lot of store-prepared, or restaurant prepared foods), to look through. It’s very good.