Came out of the closet at last, and probably had another low

Today I went to work just to have a short meeting with my boss about my current stomach issues. And while at work I decided to buy more test strips and lancets so I wouldn’t run out before going to work again. Anyways, I came out of the closet at last, told the woman in customer service I’m keeping an eye on my levels because I can drop pretty low, and shortly after I told the same thing to one of my best friends at work. My friend and I took the bus together from work and I just went home really quickly to pick up my prescription for mini pills and then headed into town to go to the pharmacy and pick up those pills, and buy some medicine for my stomach. While at the pharmacy I was feeling quite fine, but oh my God I felt like crap a few minutes later while shopping for a makeup foundation cream in another shop. My head was just somewhere else then… After I had bought the cream I went to McDonalds just to have something sweet to see if it would make me feel better so bought a small cola and a cheese burger. Came home from town about 20 minutes later, tested and had already hit 147 Oops Overdid it again! But do feel more aware of my surroundings now anyways…

147 at 20 minutes after eating sounds good to me. That is still within range. You have to let the body do its works and it usually takes 2 hours to do its work. I carry my meter everywhere I go and started to practice the rule of 15. Which means if you are in the 70’s bring yourself back up slowy with 15 grams of carbs. If you do that then you should not overshoot. You take 15 carbs and check 15 minutes later. If you are not in target take another 15 grams of carbs and check after 15 minutes.

take care

You did pretty good there with your BG after taking care of it Jennie. I’ve been known to shoot up much higher! Gold star to the forehead - thump!
I am like Wil, try, I say try, to only have 15 carbs when I am having a hypo, but it depends on what my BG reading is at the time, or if I don’t test it, I tend to I guess go into panic drive, and eat like it’s going out of style (I have improved over my 42 years of having diabetes ). I find now, since writing a blog, and starting on the pump, I’m more open about my having diabetes. It’s sometimes good to change a persons concept of what a diabetic is supposed to look/act like (I have webbed feet and quack - yeah - right).
Anyway, hope the foundation cream was the right colour (it’s almost as bad as buying a bra - you guys just don’t know how lucky you have it ). Anna from Montreal

Well, the foundation didn’t look good at all when trying it on for real today :frowning: My skin was just too dry for it and that was with a moisture cream under! Ended up buying another one today, with help from the shop assistants! So the one I bought today should work for me since it was picked by people who knows more about makeup than I do.
I still go into panic mode a bit when I feel low, I’m just not used to it- and quite frankly shouldn’t be having them at all since I’m not on any medications and not even diabetic according to my medical journal. I’m yet to test when feeling like that because I’m often out and about when it happens and I don’t always carry my meter with me, and I don’t feel ready to test in public yet anyways hides
The word pre-diabetes barely exists here, but if I had been in the USA now I’m quite sure I’d have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic with my readings that are all over the place between 10 (180) and 3.6 (64-65) as far as I have seen anyways…