Can a broken glass be half-full or half-empty?

After years and years of moving the same odds and ends that comprise my Passover dishes, it had to happen. So, it happened to my meat dishes – which, while prettier than my dairy dishes, are also a lot fewer. The carton edge dropped from my hand, I heard a loud crash, and now I hear small things rattling in the carton which did not rattle before. In short, I have a carton full of broken dishes.

Since the carton was sealed when it fell from my grip, I’m not yet sure of the extent of the damage.
It sure sounds as if every breakable thing in there collapsed into tiny, tiny shards…

On the one hand, I’m probably going to have the Devil’s own time searching through the shards to find out what is broken and what is intact. On the other, I may have the opportunity to acquire a new, complete set of dishes.

We’ll have to see…

((((tmana)))) assuredly “half-full”!
Look at this way. The old may now be gone;but the memories of special meals are still there. The new dishes soon to be added will be adding delight to beauty for more years to come. Your serving hands will find comfort and peace in the sharing of meals with loved ones and new friends.
I vote Half-Full