Can a type 1 and a type 2 live in the same household?

My husband was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I actually thought that this would make things easier on us because I wouldn’t have to make two separate dinners for each of us. However, as I have begun to research things and have tried to create a good meal plan for both of us, I have found that this is way more difficult than before. For breakfast I love to have an egg with toast, some o.j., a grapefruit half, and some turkey bacon. Due to the cholesterol problem and type 2, my husband needs to be careful of the eggs and the o.j. and grapefruit raise his blood sugar levels…and because he is on pills it’s not like he can just take some insulin to counteract the carbs. It is a little worse than this as well…my husband is a VERY picky eater!! He hates all vegetables and will only eat certain fruit. He is picky about his meat, liking mostly only red meat. He cannot stand the taste of artificial sweetener (trust me, I’ve tried them all) and hates pretty much everything sugar-free. No wonder he is type 2 with high cholesterol. Anyway, I thought that with the diagnosis he would at least try some various healthy food to explore if he can palate certain things, but no… he’s staying away from the sweets and thinks that will do it for him. Not realizing that there is so much more to getting his diabetes and cholesterol in check. At least I got him to take a really great set of multiple vitamins for diabetics, but that’s about it. As he leaves breakfast and dinner up to me, it makes me really mad when he just picks through it and won’t eat what I cook and doubles-up the fast food during lunch at work. I remember how it was when I was first diagnosed and all of the stages that I went through (anger, sadness, denial,etc…), but the doctor told him that if he drops a few pounds, changes his eating habits and exercises a little that he will more than likely be able to get rid of his diabetes and get off of the pills. I can’t even imagine being able to “get rid of” my diabetes. If I were given a quick fix like that I would do a complete 180 and get rid of this ■■■■! He knows how difficult it has been for me, why would he want to even think of going through some of this? He is taking this so light and has seemed to resign to the fact that he will die within 20 years (he is 32!). I feel like we are the odd couple. Instead of being the difference between organized and disorganized, we are type 1 and type 2.

My husband also is T2, maybe 12 years or so, so far he’s had no problems. A few years ago he got laid off, and couldn’t find a job, and so after we exhausted COBRA he took a job selling cars, just so we’d have health insurance. Well, with all the running around he did all day at the dealership, he lost gobs of weight, and completely got off all meds. Fortunately, he’s back in a great job now, but unfortunately he’s gained some of the weight and is back on metformin.
However, we go to the same dr, and we make our appts together, and we see the dr together, and we get our blood tests done together every 3 months. It’s a comfort to me to have him with me for these times, esp if a number isn’t so great. we also can celebrate together if a number is good (sometimes there’s good-natured competition - my A1c is better than yours!). We also cook together, and plan meals. I know what you mean about his “taking it so light” - sometimes I see a T2 just take the pills and then do whatever they want. we T1’s don’t really have this option, and you probably remember when you were dx’d you had to get real serious really fast. The 2 diseases are really different, but the complications are very very bad, and there’s one that men get that I’m sure your husband would like to avoid -ED.

Wow! being T1 and T2 are different. He should be careful. Just remember to be Strong for him, just like he was for you! Be a wonderful wife and a friend. He’ll come around:)