Can anyone give me some advice?About insulin pumps

Ok,there for a while I was using my insulin pump,I had a onetouch ping,and i didnt like it very much,my insets always came out!!!but,we moved away and my pump was left in the old house,so now im on shots,but my sugars are constantly ranging in the 200-350 levels.I cant get another pump from animas,but i do really need a new pump,can anyone give me a suggestion on what model and company to pursue

Hi Shawna,
I recently found out that if I ever lose my pump or break it, I could claim it on my house insurance. Maybe you could get it replaced that way?
My pump is an Animas 2020 in green and I love it. It’s small, simple and has a lot of similar features to other pumps. I originally chose it because of the super small basal increments you can set. And it’s waterproof :slight_smile:
Good luck,

Another option is the Omnipod. You can learn more about it from the Omnipod Users group:

I also use the Animas pump, but use the inserts from Minimed, as they are compatible, and my insurance pays a higher copay for them. I love my ping and am very active with my pump, and it never comes out. I have two five year olds, coach HS volleyball, play sports, etc., and it works well.

If you can get it covered on your parents house insurance, you might be able to replace it with “a comparable device”–ie, not neccessarily the same one you had before. Any your medical insurance people wouldn’t even be involved. Whichever parent has the house insurance in their name might have to ask about this for you.

As far as the sets that didn’t work for you, contact the various reps for samples. Even without a pump yet, you could try a few different styles and see what might work better. Or ask your diabetes educator if you have one?

Hey Shawna - it’s not out on the market yet in the U.S.A. (sometime in Spring 2010) - but check out this website link for the Solo pump, and maybe order yourself up a sample like I did. I had to have the sample Solo pump sent to my friends address in the U.S.A. - and just picked it up on the w/e. I haven’t seen an actual Omnipod yet (another tubeless one) - but I have a feeling this Solo Pump has a few advantages over the Omnipod (you can detach the insulin cell from the infusion site of the Solo / or refill the insulin cell pod up to 90 days I believe - so hot tubs here I come) - plus it’s sleeker looking.

Anyway, I’ll get a pic of the “demo” on me in a few days here on Tudiabetes. I’m waiting to meet up with the exec team of the West Island Diabetes Association (WIDA) that I am the VP of - and show it off to them - and make them “think” it’s real (they are still in the 50’s as far as insulin technology is concerned - I was brought to the organisation to get them into the 21st century).

Also, I spoke with a diabetic educator from New Zealand back in October at a diabetic conference (IDF) who like many of us non-Americans, can’t buy alot of items that U.S.A. residents get for their diabetes. He managed to find an endo in the U.S.A. and was able to get his Omnipod thru’ that way. Granted, his flights must cost a fortune, but he might write it off in his income tax, not sure. I’m going to write to him more about how he did this (who knows - maybe he’s on here - as I gave him my business card with the Tudiabetes link). If I can get onto either the Omnipod or Solo pump this way, even tho’ I don’t live in the U.S.A. then what the heck - it’s worth a go.

Okay - more info then I intended to write here - I have verbal diarreha of the fingertips today! LOL

Warning: This is going to sound tough and a bit self centered because of having the divorce experience.

If the pump was lost in the divorce fiasco which was in no way your fault, get half the money from Mom and half from Dad. They need to take some responsibility for the situation. If you are in the use and over 18, take them to small claims court. If you are <18 let the court know that you are missing a critical medical device and the replacement cost should be in the divorce decree and remind your parents that they can be brought to court for abuse if they don’t take care of your medical needs. The high BGs is not fair to your or your body.

Sorry for you situation. If you do get new insurance, and they cover the pump, Lifescan could care less about selling you a new pump. They make their profit from the insurance company.

I do hope you can work it out so you have a pump again. As Dave suggested, you may want to go to the MM because it is built pretty tough and they have a variety of infusion set to meet your needs. Mastasol is a very good skin prep if you are having the site come out.