Can anyone provide insight into CIGNA insurance?

Well, I came home tonight to a letter in the mail telling me that my company is dropping AETNA as a health insurance option and switching to CIGNA.

After a stint in the hospital with DKA in January, I got serious about taking care of myself and I'm now on OmniPod and Dexcom and have dropped my A1c from over 16 to now under 6.

I've been lucky that my OmniPod and Dexcom have both been covered at 100%. I pay for my insulin and that's it. All my pods, sensors, and test strips are covered with no co-pay. I know I'm blessed with great health care and I didn't have to fight at all to get the pump and CGM covered for a type 2 person. I've jumped through some hoops to get it all approved and everything has been great for the last few months.

I'm worried that I may have to justify my current treatment to a new insurer and that my out of pocket costs will jump. Justification will be a PITA, and I'm hoping that my cost won't jump too bad.

Anyone out there on CIGNA now and can share their experiences with their Diabetes care and policies?



I have Cigna. They manage our company-sponsored plan so your experience may vary but, really, they've been great.

They have a team of people, all who have diabetes or have family members with diabetes, who help provide counseling and one of these people helped me pick out the right glucose monitor. They have a nurse line that is great for off-hours issues and their delivery by mail is a great deal overall although you have to do it by phone for the most part. I'd rather just do it all online but their online stuff is tedious if you are trying to order subscription refills for family members. From my experience, they are a good company, at question though, is what does your plan cover vs. what you need. I think this will vary from person to person.