Can anyone use some extra syringes?

Can anyone use some extra syringes? I have more than I need.
Insulin for life will appreciate your donations for sure.
we had a live-interveiw with the founders of IFL USA, which is not uploaded yet, but i'm sure it will be there soon
or here
Take care

Thanks for the suggestion, SC. I couldn't figure out how to get their donation form open or saved since I don't have Microsoft Word (Notepad and Word Starter don't work), but this seems like an excellent organization.

I ended up donating the syringes to a local vet who does rescues. If anyone else has extra syringes to donate, Monroe Road Animal Hospital in Charlotte, NC is a great option. They often rescue animals with medical issues, and they always happy to get needed supplies.

Here's their contact info: Website-
Phone- 704-333-3336