Can Display be Read in Sunlight?

I have an out of warranty Medtronic pump and am considering a switch to T:slim (in hopes it will integrate with my Dex in the future).

For those using a T:slim - I would appreciate hearing about the display readability in bright sunlight. Any other considerations would also be welcome. Thanks!

If you shade it then you can read it in full Sun.
The touchscreen works well and I like the ease of getting from screen to screen. If it times out once you reactivate it goes to your last screen rather than to home page.

I have no other experience so can't compare refill time but since my insulin requirements are so small I really like the microdelivery method that prevents an accidental full cartridge delivery.

Two things I wish were different

The bolus calculator does not subtract until your BG is under 70, you can still override and reduce the bolus dose yourself.

The basal rate while it can increment .001 has to start at a minimum of 0.1 For most that is not an issue. But it has become one for me since my basal rates have dropped dramatically with good control. I have a work around that I set up with help from my endo and pump team and am actually pumping U50 insulin and if current trends continue may need to go lower.

I like the flexibility and size, it is easy to conceal,and most of my colleagues think it's a pager.