Can finasteride cause higher blood sugar?

Can finasteride cause higher blood sugar?

I recently saw a hair specialist for my thinning hair and she has me trying this drug and Rogaine?

Since I started this past weekend, my fasting numbers have been higher and I am concerned. Even with adding more Lantus (which what I normally do when my fasting numbers go up - happens around period time of month) and that didn’t help.

Fasting is double what I have normally been having since I started on Victoza. I am hoping it is this drug and NOT the VIctoza stopped working already. Eeks!

I emailed my hair specialist to ask but thought you guys might have more info.

My diet is relatively the same.

I read online that it contains a derivative of a steroid which I know causes high blood sugar in me.

I will stop taking it for a while and see what happens.

Anyone have any experience with this drug?

I have been taking it for a year for BPH (which is its primary use). Don’t see any effect whatsoever on BG.

If you suspect a drug is causing an undesirable effect you can do a challenge test. Start the drug, see what happens. Stop the drug, see what happens. Start the drug again and see what happens. You should probably spend a week for each on/off cycle of the drug to make sure the effect is observable. If the effect is repeatedly observable then you have good evidence that finasteride is causing elevated blood sugars.

Check with your phatmacist ,this looks like a very complicated medication.Nancy