Can I get a MiniMed 530G in Brasil? Posso conseguir a bomba de insulina MiniMed 530G no Brasil?

Any Brazilian Diabetics on a pump out there? Have any of you tried to get a MiniMed 530G with Enlite Threshold Suspension? I've been on an Animas Ping & using a Dexcom CGMS for a few years now. As much as I don't really want to go back to MiniMed, it does seem like they have the superior technology at this point. As an older diabetic (62, diabetic type 1 since 1980) I'm feeling my lows less and less and am happy to know that the 530G with Enlite will actually suspend insulin delivery if you go below a programmed threshold. My husband and I moved to Brasil (where I grew up) in May of this year and I am now trying to get approved for a new pump. (Here it is not a matter of insurance, you have to go through the judicial system to be able to get a pump.) What my doctor and I are trying desperately to find out is whether or not I can actually get this new MiniMed pump down here. She has all the details for a MMT 722 Paradygm, but that one is a couple generations back and, unless I HAVE to go with that one, I don't want it!!

Se voce nao fala ingles, responda e tentarei escrever em portugues.

Just a quick update. I did hear back from the Medtronic people in Brazil including the contact person for the state of Parana where I am living. Thanks to those of you who provided information and suggestions for contacts and places for discussion on this site! This is truly an amazing group!! Oh, and they do have the MiniMed 530G with Enlite here, it's just called something else... it is called Paradigm 754 Veo in Brazil. I'm now on the right track to getting an updated pump!! Yea! :-)

I have actually gone in the opposite direction. Up to a year ago I was using an old MM522 with the Medtronic sensors. I have now switched to the Animas Vibe which integrates with the Dexcom G4 sensors. Although the new Veo, with its basal suspend feature, seems like more sophisticated technology to the Vibe (which only has threshold and rate of fall/rise alarms (the levels of which you can set), in my experience, and that of several other users who I know personally, the accuracy and reliability of the Dexcom G4 sensors are far superior to the Enlites. The Enlite users I know have problems with false alarms, particularly at night and several have the low suspend feature turned off. Therefore although the MM system SEEMS superior technology, it is let down by the sensors.

I personally find that although the audible Low BG alarm in the Vibe can be difficult to hear at night if the pump is under the covers, the vibrate function will wake me up reliably. I don't know if the Vibe is available in Brasil. It is basically identical to the Ping (which you have been using) only without the remote control but with the facility to act as a receiver for the Dexcom G4 CGM.

Are you self-funding the CGM or will the costs be paid for by a Government health system? If (like me) you are self funding, the Dexcom/Vibe system works out at about half the running costs of the Veo/Enlites, largely because even with re-starts the Enlites last at best around 8 days, whereas I have been averaging around 16 days out of each G4 sensor. I actually posted a spreadsheet comparing the costs on another thread ("I want one of these")


Sorry to repeat myself... still learning how this site works (just sent you a short msg in a friend request). I would like to have remained with Animas, but when I inquired about it, I was told that they are not sold here in Brasil. I'm trying to get one through the judicial process here where there is free health care. Unfortunately it will probably take a year, so, until then I will still be using my Animas OneTouch Ping for which I have about 7-8 months of supplies. Don't know what I'll do when my supplies for the Dexcom G4 give out. I'm trying to stretch them out, using them 2 weeks instead of 1 (knowing full well that after 7 days the readings become less accurate). Animas has been promising integration with the Dexcom G4 for a long time and it has been disapointing not to see it happen in the U.S. Unfortunately I cannot afford to self-fund. :-) Thanks for the info. Will look at your spreadsheet. Debora

Pity you cannot stay with Animas. The Vibe, which has been around in Europe for > 3 years has just recently (as of end November) been approved for use in the USA. I don't know if this changes things regarding its availability in Brazil.

We have free health care in the UK through the National Health Service. They will fund pumps (provided you meet certain eligibility criteria) but usually not CGM.

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