Can I sue the pharmacist who profiled me as an addict when I needed insulin syringes?


My question is can I sue not can I win.

I think the worst part was the lie, being told it was state law instead of having the courage to say I look like a drug user to my face.

How can I sue and cause trouble in this persons life ?? If anyone thinks I can get money that would be good to. Walgreens sucks.

Here is the Walgreens instructions on profiling I found online


It sucks that people can make instant judgments about you and treat you poorly. No one likes hearing lies, either.

I encourage you to let go of the bad feelings. This is likely to hurt you more than them. Even if you were able to proceed exactly as you wish, I suspect winning would feel empty.

I think your feelings about being treated unjustly are valid but the sooner you let this go and move on to more worthwhile projects, the happier you will be in the long run. I speak from experience – it took me much too long to learn this. Anger corrodes the person who holds it. Just my two cents!


Anyone can sue anyone for anything in America. All it takes is plenty of time and money and heartache. Walgreens will just look at this as a nuisance suit and put you or your attorney up against one of their junior litigators and if they lose, will move up the legal food chain until you give up. You and your lawyer don’t want to give up? Figure on 10 years before all delays and appeals are heard.

I seriously doubt any lawyer will take this on contingency, unless they are right out of school and looking for experience. Even then you will need to pay all sorts of court filing and suit related fees.

Please move on and forget about this, the sooner the better for the sake of your health and sanity if nothing else. Nobody except even the lowest level employees in the Walgreens legal chain will probably even know about this if you proceed. They may even promote the guy you are less than content with.

I agree with Terry4, this is going to hurt you emotionally a lot more than anyone at Walgreens.

Just my opinion - I have no vested financial interest in Walgreens.


Yes, move on


I was told once and only once by the pharmacist that she could lose her license if she sold insulin syringes to me without a RX. It was Walgreen’s pharmacy as well. In my state you can buy them over the counter without a rx. I continued to talk to her and for some reason she relented. Maybe she called someone.

Noted in policy presented that if the person uses cash that is a big RED flag.
I bet this policy is dated.


I agree with others that suing will take too much of your resources, but what you can do is to write a well rounded letter and to send it (with slight variations) to various recipients who might be interested starting with pharmacy management. It will not change much but it will stir things up a little bit and you will get some satisfaction.


Forget about it like the others say

I dress like a total bum most of the time

you learn a lot about people that way

You can pick out the smart ones who know you can’t tell a book by it’s cover. Few and far between thou.

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I was profiled as a drug user in the late 60’s. I remember that it scared me when I couldn’t purchase syringes. I was in college at the time, and can’t quite remember how I eventually solved the problem, but I think I had to get the college to vouch for me.

Let it go, it isn’t worth your time, but you probably won’t totally forget the experience.

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How do you know you were profiled?


I don’t even understand this. We’re supposed to give syringes to drug users in Canada because it’s better than them sharing needles and getting an infection or HIV, which the health care system is going to have to cover. I can’t imagine a pharmacy refusing syringes for any reason.

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How did you know you were profiled? What happened? Did they just refuse to give them to you? Even though you had a prescription?


This was in 1969 or 1970 in a very conservative city. I don’t remember too much about the interaction or if a prescription was needed at the time. They clearly did not like the way we looked and implied that I wasn’t a diabetic. They refused to sell me any syringes. If prescriptions were needed at that time, I definitely would have had one. My husband had long hair which didn’t help the situation in that city, at that time. Times have changed a lot,


My wife got turned off by the accusatory tone of the CVS manager, so she moved ALL her Rx’s back over to Walgreens. My wife has constant pain that requires meds such as Norco and with CVS’s STUPID way of calculating 28 days, my wife was running out of meds. I doubt anyone would believe if I tried to explain how that crazy manager claimed 28 days is calculated. We don’t need that kind of problem getting our meds–not that I’m a fan of Walgreen’s either–it’s a matter of the “lesser of two evils”.


My two cents… and its not my intention to offend you.

I’ve had this same thing happen at CVS. I got bent out of shape for a little bit, but then looked at it from their side.

You want to sue. You try, maybe you win, maybe you don’t.
They sell to an actual drug user, that person OD’s and dies. The family sue’s… maybe they win, maybe they don’t.

My point being are we really that “sue” happy in this world? Are we really that thin skinned?

Don’t be a victim. Let it go… move on.


When I was much much younger (19? 20?), long hair, ripped jeans, etc., I had the exact same problem.

That was 30+ years ago!

Now that I have grey hair and a buzz cut I never have this problem.

Side note: did you know that insulin syringes can be sold by a pharmacist, as a bag of 10 rather than a box of 100? I was a diabetic for almost 40 years before I knew this.

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How frustrating. Which state are you in?

My state is required to give syringes to anyone…even addicts. Most states are like that. You must be one of the unusual states. You could schedule an appointment with your legislature.

Oh â– â– â– â– ! Are you in Tennessee? Thats bad if you are. Look at the map.


I’m not sue-happy but I do understand the OP’s frustration, having witnessed somewhat similar attitude from the pharmacist I mentioned in my previous post. I bet the OP is just venting here–let’s not get all up in arms and take everything literally at this point. Cheers!



I went to the Walmart in Clarksville Indiana I am a Diabetic and here is what happened.

I tried to buy Insulin Syringes at the Wal-mart Clarksville, Indiana location so I can take my Insulin. I was instead treated like a Common Drug addict.


I think I am going to go out and do some of these videos, just put my phone in a shirt pocket. I will just calmly keep trying to get them to admit they profiled me cause of the way I look.

Then ask them to call me an ambulance cause my sugar is too high I don’t think I can make it to the next pharmacy and record their reaction then say never mind before they get to the phone.

I can buy syringes online right ? I will buy like 1000 the only worry I have is maybe that rubber plunger drys out over time.

I would really like to always have a years worth of all supplies.


Thats not my video, I just I found it on YouTube.

I would like to make a policy that all sugar normal pharmacists can only buy food if they look OK to me. My discretion. The rest can just go starve to death.

That’s what they say to us, to bad, you don’t pass the profile test, go get sick or die, its our policy “Just following orders” (Nuremberg defense) have a nice day.