Can software help fine tune insulin needs?

Yesterday, I was thinking that my insulin needs have changed slightly as I have been getting lows in the afternoon.

I started thinking, with the amount of data I have regarding blood sugars, numbers of carbs eaten ect you could import the data into a database and have it calculate new I:C ratios, Insulin Sensitivity, and Basal rates on a rolling basis. You would have to make the assumption that your carb counting is correct. But by simply using your before and after blood glucose readings the formulas would not be that complex.

This is what I really would want in software.

  1. Ability to import data from a meter, pump-or other type of software that is compatible with the meters ect…
  2. Charting to see how I am doing generally.
  3. Predicted A1C (3 month rolling calculation)
  4. Idea I:C ratio based on actual blood glucose readings using a weighted average for newest data first, or some other sort of regression analysis.
  5. Idea basal rates based on actual blood glucose readings using past data
  6. Ideal insulin sensitivity calculated off of past corrections.
  7. Personalized calculation in regards to how long insulin stays active in MY body. (This one would be tricky, but given enough data it may be possible)
  8. The software must be able to throw out blood glucose entries that have a high deviation from the norm. Ie. The super high reading from eating cake at your brothers wedding, or lows from mowing your and your neighbors lawn ect…It just doesn’t make sense to have that data included for everyday use.

If I decided to do it myself in a Microsoft Access database the problem would be that I would have to probably input the data by hand. In all honesty I would probably not go through the effort.

But, I know there are a lot of bright diabetics who have probably already done this, or are using some commercial software with the same or similar capabilities.

Any suggestions for commercially available software that you have used?

I use a Animas Ping pump. Anyone ever found a way to import data from the one touch software that comes with the pump to a database such as Microsoft Access?

The Animas Ping has EZ Manager Max Software, have you tried that? And to answer your question, yes it can certainly help you fine tune!

I use the EZ manager Max software, but it seems only designed to generate charting. It doesn’t do an analysis of the data. It relies on a human to do any true analysis. I am looking for software which would calculate the actual ideal ratios, instead of relying on guessing, or judgment.