Can’t get the transmitter latch on g5 to move forward HELP

Did it easily 1st time no problem. This time the latch won’t move. Sensor is in but can’t lock down the transmitter.

What am I doing wrong?

My husband can’t get it to budge either. I suppose I should call Dexcom support.

You can pull manually apart the plastic tabs on the end of the sensor casing and lock down the transmitter than way. Doing it this way you might only lock one side at a time, but you should be able to tell if the clear part of the sensor casing is over the transmitter on each side.

Hope this makes sense.

If transmitter is seated perfectly in the front of the sensor (The area just past 5 of where it shows G5) the transmitter should lock in very easily with the tab. Don’t try fighting with locking the transmitter down. If it does not lock in easily the first time, take it well away from your body, make sure the tab in the sensor with the 2 little black dots (contact tab/flap) easily sits flat in the bottom of the sensor and try again.

It is just too frustrating to try to wiggle the transmitter into place if it does not lock in easily and immediately on first try.

Thanks Laddie and CJ,

I appreciate your help very much.

I called Dexcom Support and they were extremely quick and supportive. I am very impressed.

She had me remove the sensor and put a new one in which latched on just the way it is supposed to. She is sending me a new sensor.

I don’t know if there was a defect in the plastic or if I did something wrong.

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When I started on the G5 what I did wrong when trying to latch them was to hold on to the base with my other hand, too far towards the latch side, thereby squeezing the sides that need to be able to expand as the transmitter is pushed down into the base. Eventually I learned to keep my fingers away from that area.